The Sizzling Showdown- Who will be crowned (Wiener)?


Our favorite Frank (mustard) up the courage to take on the mighty Seregost in this meaty, musical match. This electrifying combo delivers a beefy combat never seen before. From comfy to crunchy, this release will keep you at the edge of your seat. Featuring none other than the Warrior of the Dark Svn, this is a clash of titans where Ambient and Food Synth join forces and are sure to leave a good taste in your mouth. Because let’s be Frank (pun intended), whether you love or loathe Food Synth, the crowd is always hungry for another bite. 

Make sure to (ketchup) on this battle royale, these contenders are…on a roll!

Artist:  Hot Dog Cart , Seregost


Label: High Mage Records

Release Date: April 2024
Location: United States

Written by – Autumal Embrace

There is some ongoing (beef) in the Dungeon Synth community on whether Food Synth is a legitimate DS subgenre or just another gimmick that has nothing to do with true DS, the one rooted in Black Metal characterized by somber soundscapes and dark theatrics. Whatever the answer might be, there is no doubt that this quirky variant of Comfy Synth is here to stay, and in all honesty, sometimes we may feel the need for shelter from the weight of the world with a fun and nostalgic trip to what could have been. Artists like Friendly Donut Shop, Tinned Fish, Fish & Chips and Forlorn Pizza Parlor hit the nail in the head bringing this odd-yet-familiar nostalgia to the table. Among the most notable Food Synth projects hailing from Colorado is Hot Dog Cart. With its catchy tunes and whimsical imagery, it evokes yearning for those carefree, childhood days. 

On the other corner of this ring, dwells Seregost. A dark Ambient/Dungeon Synth project based in South Carolina brings forth the more ominous undertones that characterize this genre. Notable releases like The Wytchfinder ,The Dark Svn and the A Sacrilegious Ritual upon Once Holy Ground split with the mighty Erythrite Throne, banish the listener to an unforgiving, barren land of lost souls with its old school Sword and Sorcery vibes and grim, cavernous soundscapes.

With Seregost and his dark musical incantations being summoned to the ring, the tensions were high, for this is an unlikely yet not impossible combination.   

While for some this release can be more of an acquired taste, hands down its’s one of the most refreshing and experimental sonic showdowns that this year has to offer. We can catch a bite of Hot Dog Cart’s signature steamy synthesizers, relished with lo-fi ambience and woozy arrangements that are predominant throughout this album. However, I really enjoyed that slight nod at the vibrant sporting soundscapes of the 1980s, adding raw adrenaline with every blow in tracks like Condiment Combo! and  Seregost ‘s NO HOLDS BARRED. This last track being my absolute favorite with tinges of epic ambience and gritty, WWE-esque entrance variant of Metal. I must say, RUMBLE IN THE TUMMY gets 4.5 out of 5 hot dogs, delivering an electrifying combat…may the best one win!

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Listen to Seregost: 

Apple Music: ‎Seregost – Apple Music

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Hot Dog Cart – Let’s Be Frank (2021) (

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