Iniko – A Shapeshifting Voice


If you’re celebrating Black History Month, make sure you put Iniko at the top of your list to listen to. Whether their words and message compel you or their extraterrestrial vocals hypnotize you, they represent black and genderless groups exquisitely. They won’t be confined to the box in someone else’s head, they’ll soar across the universe.

Artist: Iniko

Release Title: “Armor”

Release Date: January 24, 2024

Location: New York

Genre: Indie

Written by: Stevie Aldrich

I hope this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Iniko, but if it is, I wish you the same otherworldly experience the rest of us had. The song “Jericho” bewitched social media several months ago and caught me in the billowing spell like everyone else. Iniko, a black and nonbinary artist, doesn’t just sing. Their voice reminds you of exotic birds chanting together in the rainforest, massive echoes reverberating across outer space, or delicate ripples along the surface of a pond on a misty morning. Yes, all those things from one voice. That’s likely why so many versions of their song bounced around Instagram and TikTok without much, if any, background music; it wasn’t needed.

Iniko is best described as an indie performer, which fits since their social media features many acoustic covers, from Beyonce to Fleetwood Mac. As a massive Fleetwood Mac fan, I believe Stevie Nicks would give Iniko’s cover of “Dreams” all the gold stars. Even Prince would rise from his grave to approve their “When Doves Cry” cover. The truth you’ll learn after immersing yourself in their music, be it playful covers on TikTok or professionally produced recordings, is they can sing anything. Iniko’s voice comes from the stars and breaks through every shackle to outshine your expectations of typical human singing. It’s melodic and transformative, the epitome of beauty.

“I’m high, I’m from outer space, I’ve got Milky Way for blood, evolution in my veins.” When you listen to this first line from “Jericho,” it’s easy to understand how Iniko might be from another planet. Going deeper into the lyrics, they have a message for humanity. They’re here to break down walls and illuminate the illusion of human superiority.

The release of their newest single, “Armor,” arrives ahead of their Spring tour, The Awakening. From Los Angeles to New York City and dipping into Canada, this cross-country tour will ensure everyone knows the name and music of Iniko. While they haven’t released a full EP yet, several singles are available and worthy of a download. They’re seconds away from blasting off into stardom, so this is the tour to see before they’re selling out stadiums like Taylor Swift. I imagine their live performance might feel like walking through a kaleidoscope or falling down a rabbit hole. Not attending this experience would be a waste of your time.


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