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Baltic Week: Black Metal Gems

Baltic Week Day 3: Black Metal Gems: Sisyphean, ZIGOTA, Ziegenhorn, Dreadrealm, Langenu, Heresiarh

To celebrate the music of the Baltic region James explores its flourishing black metal scene. He looks at rising atmospheric/technical black metal stars...

Aghor - Graves With No Crosses

Baltic Week Day 2: Aghor – Graves With No Crosses

With comprehensible vocals, coherent mid-level growling, and heavy but punk inspired riffing, Graves With No Crosses offer a generous mix of Old-School Death Metal and...

Laurel2 - Kasutu

Baltic Week: Day 1: Laurel2 – Kasutu

Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia laurel2’s latest release in kasutu is a mellowed out, immersive experience. Blending traditional elements of Trip-Hop with Ambient...