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Welcome to our new website!


Today Cave Dweller Music has launched an entirely new website, designed by Lee Edwards of The Sleeping Shaman. The launch of this new site marks a new chapter in the history of Cave Dweller, the beginning of a new era that will see many new features in our reviews, new content on the site, and more projects to come.

Enjoy the new site! Look around a bit, and feel free to send us any feedback!

New Front Page Design

Our new front page contains several separate sections so that you can easily see the latest reviews, interviews, articles podcasts, or news. If you’re interested in seeing the latest reviews, podcasts, or news you’ll be able to find those quickly and easily.

New Menu

Let’s be honest – our old site didn’t have a menu that was particularly useful. Here on our new site, you’ll find that our new menu will be able to more easily take you to where you need to go at Cave Dweller. That includes links to reviews, news, our partner sites and connected forms of media.

Old Content

We have a pretty big back-catalog of reviews at Cave Dweller. Not all of them are available on launch of this new site due to some technical limitations. Rest assured that we will be re-publishing old reviews as well as new ones.

Ad Banners

Yes, we have decided to include some ad banners here at Cave Dweller. This was a choice made to better promote projects we love, while ensuring this site is sustainable as we grow. We hope you’ll find these ads unobtrusive, as well as of interest to you, as well as topical. We plan to keep these ads restricted generally to musical and charity projects.

Cave Dweller is a collective committed to promoting independent and underground art all over the world. While pricing has not been officially announced as of this writing, rest assured that we are committed to making these ads affordable for everyone.


With this new website, it will be significantly easier for us to try new things and add new sections here at Cave Dweller. That means that, if you stay with us, you might see some new ideas and projects pop up.

Thanks for staying with us these past three years. We appreciate each and every one of you, our readers and the artists we promote. You have all made this website possible.

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