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Have you ever seen an album cover, and just knew that the music housed inside of said album was gonna be exactly what you wanted to hear? I have that happen quite often, and it just happened again while doom scrolling through my Book Of Faces feed. The band in question is called Gutricyde, the album is called Desires Of The Morbid, and it came out on May 11th, 2024. I sit down with them to talk about the new album, touring and a bunch of other topics.

Band: Gutricyde

Album Title: Desires Of The Morbid

Release Date: May 11th. 2024

Label: Corpse Gristle Records

Written By: Tom Hanno/ Tom’s Reviews

Gutricyde hails from Rockwall, Texas, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and began life in 2020, putting out a demo in 2021, and an EP in 2022 (Devoured By Swine and Gutricyde respectively), making Desires Of The Morbid their debut full length release. The band’s members are as follows …

1. Bret Smith – guitars/vocals/samples.

2. Lance White – guitars/vocals

3. Dave Tillery – bass guitar

4. Gutty The Butcher – mascot

So without any further ado, let’s talk about some of my favorite songs.

About Desires Of The Morbid

Desires Of The Morbid begins with “The Crooked Man”, a song that opens up with a sample from The Conjuring 2. The audio in question comes from the scene in which The Crooked Man comes and scares the hell out of the kids. It’s one of that film’s best scenes in my opinion, and using it to kick off the record really helped capture my attention; the music then held it for the remainder of the album. Gutricyde also utilized The Crooked Man poem for the lyrics here, and they come across extremely well in a Death Metal context.

“Leather Peeling” comes in as my second favorite track. That first bit of vocals is a deep guttural growl, and pairing them with just a slow drum beat and nothing else is a powerful sound. The music comes off as a mix of Cannibal Corpse and early Six Feet Under, and will have you trying to break your own necks by headbanging furiously.

“Soul Grinder” reminds me of Obituary, but with touches of Grindcore, Groove Metal, and old school Cannibal Corpse styles vocal growls. This also serves as the final hurrah for the album, and for two minutes and fifty three seconds Gutricyde pummels you with glorious Death Metal power.

Other Standout Tracks: “Drain”, “Infinite Misery”, and “Choked WYOFG”

Before we drop in the normal Follow/Listen links, I have a brief interview to include, so keep reading …

Tom – Hey, guys, thank you for doing this! My first question is basically a brief look at the origins of the band, and how ya’ll came together as a group. Please include how you chose the band name as well. (No need to list the band members as that’s already in the review itself)

Bret – It’s an honor, Tom. We  appreciate the opportunity.

Wow…man…we have known each other for a very long time, around 35yrs or more.

All 3 of us go back to the early 90’s when we were in some of the first TXDM bands to exist. Dave and I were in EMBALMED and Lance was in Gruesome Fate.

Band name – We wanted the band name to be catchy and sound brutal, but also have meaning in regard to what the songs are about.  So we pretty much pulled it out of our ass…lol. The prefix “Gut” which I believe speaks for itself, with the suffix “cide” meaning “to kill or cut down”. Yes, we spelled “cide” with a Y ; CYDE, just to be different.  A Lot of what we write about is the slaughtering of humans that prey on other humans. This comes in many different forms today, from politicians, to sex trafficking, pedophilia, law enforcement, religious leaders..etc.. (you get the gist) 


Tom – What are the main influences behind your style? I personally hear some old-school Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and some of the Florida bands that really shaped the genre back in the late 80s/ early 90s.

Bret – You pretty much nailed it. Along with Carcass, Deicide, Broken Hope, Bolt Thrower, General Surgery

Tom – My favorite song is “The Crooked Man”, and I love that you used a sample from The Conjuring II to kick things off. What was the main influence behind the track? Was it just the movie, or is there something else to it?

Bret – Ha…good catch man! Pretty much just a burst of inspiration. Such a wicked character and portrayed so well in that scene. I was watching that movie for probably the 4th time, and it just hit me when that scene came on. I had heard the nursery rhyme before but for some reason it resonated with me at that moment. 

I patched that scene into my recording station, and it just came pouring out. One of those creative sparks we get from time to time.

Tom – Another track that I really like is “Choked WYOFG”, as that title is just brutal as fuck, as is the music within. What influenced the lyrical content on this one?

Bret – We will definitely take that as a complement…lol. These lyrics really fall right in line with what the band is about. Inhumane justice for human predators, in the most painful and unfathomable fashion possible.   

Tom – Expanding upon that favorite song theme from a couple questions ago, what track would you choose as a good starting point for new listeners? Doesn’t have to be your favorite per se, but the one that you feel best captures the spirit of Gutricyde.

Bret – Man, these are great interview questions! I’ve got mixed feelings about that one. It really depends on the listener and the mood, not to get too technical with it though. Leather Peel, although one of the slower tracks, is a good starting point to get the point across that we are heavy and old school. However, From the Neck Down and Soul Grinder are more the direction we are going. Not by coincidence they are the last 2 tracks we wrote and are the last 2 tracks on the “Desires Of The Morbid” release.  

Tom – You’re obviously into horror films, so what ones are you watching lately, or that you’re looking forward to coming out? And, do you think that any of them will become an influence on the next album?

Bret – Absolutely, horror has always been the “go-to” for movies. There are so many, Midnight Meat Train, Terrifier series, The Conjuring series, Insidious series, Hellraiser series, anything by Lucio Fulci.  Don’t get too excited about new horror movies, lot of lame ones now days. But I am looking forward to Terrifier 3

Tom – This is where I’m gonna let you guys promote upcoming shows, or anything else that you feel is important for readers to know.

Bret – We can’t put into words how much we appreciate the response we have gotten from what we have created. The shows we have lined up will be promoted soon on our band page, some of them we can’t announce officially as they are with national acts. TBA …but…

August 17th – Renos Chop Shop – Dallas Tx

October 5th and 6th in Austin Texas at Come And Take It Live “Hellbangers Ball”  (TBA)

October 12th – The Heathen House – Cord, Arkansas

November 16th – Haltom Theater  Ft Worth Tx, (TBA)

December 7th – Haltom Theater  Ft Worth Tx , (TBA)

Our booking agency “Ashley Talent International” is working on a Southern tour for us next spring along with “Cheese Grater Masturbation” … through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and several dates in Florida.

Booking Contact: Serena



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