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Tommy Wilson (Tommy Wilson Art & Noose Sweat) Interview


We sit down with Vancouver based graphic artist and musician Tommy Wilson to talk about his visual work, his politics, his ongoing involvement in the power violence scene and his band Noose Sweat. We discuss the highly political and aggressively confronting nature of this work, his influences and inspirations and his love of fast angry music.

We talk about his books ‘I’D LIKE MY LIFE BACK’ and ‘Painful Existence’, his zine Homicide Report and his artwork for bands like Infest, Fit For an Autopsy, Domestic Terror, as well as for us at CDM. We also discuss the concept of billionaire deathmatches, the mental gymnastics of conservative punk, the backlash against Tommy’s work and we go to town for about 5 minutes ripping on Mark Zuckerberg.

Check out Tommy’s work:

Listen to Noose Sweat:

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