Kult Ikon – Overburden Track Premiere


We are extremely pleased to bring you the official premiere of Overburden, the brand new single by from Raleigh, North Carolina based sludge/doomgaze trio Kult Ikon’s upcoming album Black Iron Prison, out March 15th.

Track Stream

“Overburden started off as an entirely different song to what you are hearing now. Composed at the height of the covid pandemic, Overburden was the second piece written for the forthcoming album Black Iron Prison. We just could not figure out what direction the song was going to take. At one point we described the song as “A Barrel of Trash On Fire In The Middle Of The Room”, and it took the working title ABOTOFITMOTR. Once we accepted that we would need to change course, the song fell into place quickly and has surprisingly become one of our favorite songs.”

Kult Ikon

About the Band

Kult Ikon’s music is slow, heavy, and introspective. It occupies a space between post-metal and progressive doom with long mid-tempo pieces. The music ebbs and flows from prettiness to heaviness, draped across unexpected structures, creating compelling listening.

John Vincent (Bass) and Ryan O’Connell (Drums) started exploring music together in early 2018 after the calling was answered by O’Connell to join a Bassist interested in heavy fuzz, doom and psych music. Initial jams were experimental and inspirational exploring music without guitar. The practices laid a strong foundation but something was still missing. Scott Holthausen filled that void once he plugged in his guitar. The final piece to the puzzle was placed and Kult Ikon was born. Because early jams were rhythm driven, the writing process took on a unique format. Bass riffs were built upon drum beats and the foundation of the song was created first. This allowed Holthausen to use the foundation as a canvas painting in the intricate details capturing the audience’s attention.

By mid 2018 Kult Ikon was taking their art to the stage. In late 2019 Sheet Metal Sessions were recorded by the band and available on CD. Its release coincided with the plague and COVID quickly shut down progress. The trio didn’t let that affect them for long and soon they were back in the practice space trying to process and exorcize. As the world reset, Kult Ikon were hard at work. The set back allowed time for Kult Ikon to create something massive. The result is the EP Black Iron Prison.

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