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Cave Dweller Music Podcasts

Kene Lightfoot (Burning Bitumen) & Wayne Donovan (Infernal Noize/Religious Observance) Interview

Over the last few years the music scene in Melbourne has taken a bit of a beating. But as is the way in many scenes, Metal was one of the leading lights in the...

Emergency Broadcast

CDM Presents: An Interview With Emergency Broadcast [English & Türkçe]

Guest writer Naz Başaran returns with an interview of Emergency Broadcast after a live show with Goblin Daycare and Emaskülatör. Emergency Broadcast discussed their...

Zack Dolin aka Scrying Glass

CMD Presents: An Interview With Zack Dolin – AKA Scrying Glass

In a CDM exclusive interview, Leigh Wright of Wyrd Daze talks with Chicago, Illinois dungeon synth artist Zack Dolin, the mind behind science fantasy synth project...

Orme 'Orme' Artwork

Orme ‘Orme’

Whether you’re looking to transcend to another plane of consciousness, experience a more horrifying take on classic horror movie dialogue or simply put something...

An Intro Guide To Gothic/Dark Country, Bluegrass & Americana

An Intro Guide To Gothic/Dark Country, Bluegrass & Americana

James presents an introductory guide to one of his favourite areas of the music world, the realm of gothic/dark country, bluegrass and Americana. This is a world that...

BastardSword 'I' Artwork

Bastard Sword ‘I’

If you like your guitar work like your BBQ (low and slow) then Bastard Sword may just be the band for you, but don’t worry if you like it fast and heavy...

Ruff Majik 'Elektrik Ram' Artwork

Ruff Majik ‘Elektrik Ram’

As a South African by birth, it’s always nice to hear an album that does my homeland proud and Ruff Majik have accomplished just that with Elektrik Ram. While I...


CDM Presents: An Interview With Balin

Leigh Wright of Wyrd Daze presents a CDM exclusive interview with German dungeon synth artist Balin, also behind Giftzwerg. They discuss the extensive catalogue and...


CDM Presents: An Interview With Hello World

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


CDM Presents: Guitar Can Make Your Stress Go Away

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