To End It All – A Year of Lapidation (Thief Remix) Premiere


We are extremely pleased to bring you the official premiere of the track/video for A Year of Lapidation (Thief Remix), from the upcoming album Of Blood And Memory by Seattle based avant-garde/noise act To End It All, out April 19th on Roman Numeral Records.

Track Stream:

About the Track

Lapidation: The act of pelting with stones; punishment inflicted by throwing stones at a victim (even unto death). The anguish of loss is exhausting. Never opening the heart would have avoided such pain. Never loving. In a place of broken-ness we wish for stoic ways, but instead… are filled with dread. We shout to convince ourselves there is some purpose. For the reinterpretation of this emotive song, we knew Dylan Neal, the mastermind behind Thief, would bring his powerful artistry in rhythm to further express the frantic mood of “A Year Of Lapidation”. Using only sounds from our studio recording, he created the perfect sister to the original song.

Our frequent collaborator butoh master Vanessa Skantze carries a cultivated intensity with her body and spirit, the obvious choice for the visual component for this release. With Joy as video director, we chose to blend live show imagery of To End It All & Vanessa with mysterious additional choreography captured at Seattle’s Teatro de la Psychomachia (both filmed by Briana Jones). This character, the environments & set designs blossomed and came to life in new ways in the hands of talented newcomer production artist bee. We’re as always grateful for these group excursions into the world of the hidden.

To End It All

About the Albums – Of Blood And Memory + Remixed

April 19 unleashes the new eight track LP Of Blood And Memory, featuring three songs with world-renowned cellist Lori Goldston (ex-Earth, Nirvana live) and guest vocalist/guitarist A. K. O’Neill (Serpentent) who often joins as a live member of the band. A companion LP including remixes by, Blood Box, Thief, and Xiphoid Dementia and a cover by The Unbodied Air (members of Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin) will also be available in very limited quantities.

About To End It All

Since the fall of 2016, long-time collaborators sound artist Masaaki Masao and vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Joy Von Spain have created new work as To End It All. Building unusual songs with massive dynamic range forged from voices, keyboards, obliterated samples, guitar & classical instruments, the music encompasses dark ambient drones, synths, operatic moments, noise, rhythms & beats, doom metal riffs and lush orchestrations, coming together as an avant-gardist masterwork.

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