Seer – The Hours Full Album Premiere


We proudly present to you the official premiere of The Hours, the second full length album from Providence, Rhode Island based dungeon synth / ambient / gothic doom metal act Seer, out July 5th on Yuggoth Records.

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About the Album

Seer is an increasingly dreamlike and powerful collaboration between film and concert hall composer Peter Scartabello and songwriter and soundtrack composer Chris Bozzone. Their second album “The Hours” is bursting with a singular sound of phantasmagoric energy and relentless atmosphere.

“The Hours” contains a series of twelve pieces that continue where “Glimpsing Into Oblivion” left off. Cosmic synthesizers and magnificent otherworldly arrangements blend together while veering into intense and exciting new sonic territory in which the sound mutates into various forms of black metal, psychedelic rock and electro-acoustic soundscapes. Seer’s cinematic sound and sonic color palette is enormously expanded with the brilliant combination of a vast array of synthesizers, massive electric guitars, deep bass tones and precise drum programming uniquely interwoven with spectral drones and beautiful piano, kalimba and mandolin melodies.

Hallucinatory and surreal lyrics explore illusory spaces that derive from a deep love of fantastical films and weird fiction. Bozzone’s spoken and sung vocals tap into a juxtaposition of poetic beauty and nightmarish worlds of unreality. Scartabello’s vocals are brutal and suffocating in ways that elevate the ever building unearthly ambience.

Seer has shattered clear lines of classification with “The Hours.” Scartabello and Bozzone have created an album that swims firmly in a distinctive and esoteric pool of haunting transcendence.

Album Credits

All songs written by Peter Scartabello and Chris Bozzone

Peter Scartabello – synthesizers, drum programming, percussion, electric guitars, bass, mandolin, kalimba, lyrics, vocals

Chris Bozzone – lyrics, vocals, synthesizers, piano, drones

Produced by Peter Scartabello and Barry Knob

Cover art by Ferdinand Keller, Lady Absinth, 1901

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