Ruinforge – Words of Fate Track Premiere


We are extremely pleased to bring you the official premiere of Words of Fate, the latest single from Atlanta solo melodic death / power / folk metal project Ruinforge, from the upcoming album Mist and Myth, out March 29th.

Full track stream:

About Ruinforge:

Ruinforge was created solely by multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Jordan Folwer of Atlanta, Georgia, he explains more:

My original intent for creating the album was the desire to hear more from this triangle of genres – melodic death, folk, power. The ones who occupy this space are my main inspirations; Bands like Ensiferum, Wintersun, Kalmah, Children of Bodom.

About Mist and Myth:

Mist and Myth explores our hubris and peril against nature and forces beyond our control. Simultaneously, it criticizes the use of obscurity and fiction in the wake of existential peril. The narrative driven stories of these songs fluctuate between an ode to folklore mystique and a reproach to dogmatic insanity.

Album Credits:

Written, performed, recorded, mixed by Jordan Fowler.

Stoffel Recording Co

Fani Sejati

Album Art: 
Jordan Fowler

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