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Baltimore, MD has become quite the hotbed for metal post covid. Plenty of underground promoters keep putting together shows with solid lineups that are always fun. I’ve talked about one of them, Infinite Terror, before because they really know how to put on a show. Having been to St. Thrashricks in 2023, I knew that this years festival was going to be a ton of fun. And with the lineup that Infinite Terror put together, I couldn’t miss out on it. 

Festival: St. Thrashricks Festival 2024

Date: 9 March 2024

Location: Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Promoter: Infinite Terror

Original post can be found here: Dovendyr – Heavy Metal Historian

Opening Acts

On a rainy Saturday in March, 10 bands from around America descended on Baltimore’s Metro Gallery for a day of thrashing fun! Despite a few lineup changes – Agent Steel and Arcanon were originally on the bill, but had to drop – the festival pushed forward. Doors opened at three, with the band set to go on at 3:30. Corrupted Palace, a new band from right in Baltimore, stepped in to fill Arcanon’s spot. I got to the venue a touch late but made it just in time for their set. I don’t entirely know how to describe Corrupted Palace’s sound; the best I can think would be crossover death/thrash. 

Honestly, they were a ton of fun, energetic, and exactly what you want in an opener. And I’m not the only one who holds that opinion – everyone in attendance loved their set. In the time that I’ve gone to shows in Baltimore, I’ve noticed how active the crowd can get. One thing that Baltimore crowds do is a “Holy Shit” chant. If a band has a really great set, then the crowd chants “Holy Shit”!”. It’s organic audience participation from the crowd, and Corrupted Palace certainly earned that chant! 

The other opening act was the D.C. thrash trio in Desolus. I’ve talked about them once before, but these guys are always fun! Their sets are intense and fun from start to finish. They too earned the “Holy Shit” chant from the crowd. Desolus is not an act that you want to miss out on. Luckily, Desolus will be on tour with Spitter later this year in support of their upcoming LP. Desolus’s LP will be released on Hell’s Headbangers Records. 

Middle of the Bill (Part 1)

Following Desolus was Non Residents, a crossover thrash four-piece from New York City. I absolutely love crossover thrash – it’s one of my favorite genres of metal. But Non-Residents had a touch of groove metal to their sound. It was subtle, but it was there. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard groove metal added to crossover thrash, so it’s a neat addition. Non Residents’ set was pretty fun, but sounded a touch muffled, though that may have been just me. I ended up stepping outside for some air a little into their set. After a few minutes, I went back in because of the heavier rain.

I went back in after a minute and made it in time to see the crowd really turning up the energy. Non Residents’s set sounded much better once I was back inside too. Towards the end of their set, the singer brought a tom drum on stage to help with one of the closing songs. I also noticed that Non Residents included some horn sounds as well. Whether it was a trumpet or something else, I don’t know. Hell, the group even had a leprechaun on stage throwing out a few things, which was a pretty funny thing to see. 

After Non Residents, Philly-based thrashers Skullovich took to the stage. Skullovich’s set was pretty good, and I don’t recall them having any audio issues throughout. The group performed a brand-new track, which led to a lot of moshing and some stage diving. Towards the end of their set, one of the Skullovich guitarists joined the pit for one song, with the crowd circle pitting around him. The crowd chanted “Holy Shit” for both Non-Residents and Skullovich.

Long Island’s thrash trio Electrocutioner rounded out the first half of the St. Thrashricks bill. These guys were a ton of fun from start to finish! Their set was intense, and energetic, and got a lot of audience participation. At one point during their set, the guys in Electrocutioner threw a few inflatable nukes into the pit, which just added to the inflatable havoc! The Infinite Terror gang always has inflatables for festivals like this, so seeing Electrocutioner add-in was awesome! They were certainly one of my favorite acts from the day.

Later in the day, I caught up with Mark Pursino, Electrocutioner’s guitarist and vocalist, at the merch table and got to interview him. 

Dovendyr: How does it feel to be performing at 2024’s St. Thrashricks Festival?

Pursino: Fucking phenominal. It’s about goddamn time there’s a fest centered around only thrash. Not only that, every band has a unique style and expression of thrash. Plus the crowd is energetic and ready to have fun.

Dovendyr: What got you into metal and made you want to be in a band of your own?

Pursino: I was raised on metal. My dad showed me Black Sabbath when I was like 6 and I got hooked, but it wasn’t until 9th grade when I bought a Megadeth CD at a garage sale that I became obsessed. I immediately wanted to grow my hair long, learn guitar, and listen to all things thrash.

Dovendyr: You guys formed in 2020. How did COVID impact you as a band?

Pursino: It honestly sucked. Nothing about COVID was good. I feel we didn’t really come together into our own until last year when Tyler became our drummer. If anything positive came out of it, it was learning how to grow social media because you couldn’t play shows. 

Dovendyr: How did you guys settle on the name Electrocutioner and what other names did you consider?

Pursino: It was super simple. I wanted something with a -TOR at the end like Anniliator or Destructor. I told my bassist Rich Electrocutor and he simply said, “How about Electrocutioner,” and it was decided instantly. 

Dovendyr: Electrocutioner participated in the Wacken Metal battle in New York this year. What would performing at Wacken Open Air mean to you?

Pursino: It was dope as shit. Unfortunately, we had other shows scheduled that conflicted with the next rounds so they had to tell the judges that we actually weren’t allowed to win haha. But, the judges loved us and gave us a lot of great tips going forward on how to market ourselves. Man if we played Wacken that would be fucking killed. My main life goal for this band is to play Hell’s Heroes in Texas, to be realistic, we are three broke down to earth motherruckers who expect no success at all. So to even think about that seems completely impossible. 

Dovendyr: What are you guys most excited for moving forward?

Pursino: We are putting out a single called Heavens Gate on March 19 and filming a music video. Our 2nd album is halfway written and will be recorded in a professional studio. We are excited to present our sophomore album which will be more aggressive to break necks worldwide.

Dovendyr: What Pokemon do you think you could take in a fight?

Pursino: We would fucking destroy Haunter. Total bitch.

Thank you very much to Mark Pursino of Electrocutioner for the interview! I’m certainly looking forward to the second Electrocutioner album and to hopefully seeing them again sometime soon!

Middle of the Bill (Part 2)

After the Electrocutioner set, my friend and I got some food down the block from the venue. We got back just a minute or two into the next set. But goddamn was this set in particular something special. Kicking off the back half of the night was Puerto Rican crossover thrashers Fullminator. Their set was arguably one of the most anticipated sets of St. Thrashricks 2024 – if not THE most anticipated. And they fuckin delivered, getting a “Holy Shit” chant after just one song!

Stage diving was a plenty and it was some of the most intense thrash of the night. The (mostly) masked band was unyielding in its energy and speed. On top of that, their appearance at St. Thrashricks 2024 was only their third appearance in the States ever! I really hope that these guys get to perform in the States more often, especially with their in-the-pit antics! Fullminator had this one person get dressed up as a giant robot (their mascot) and join the mosh pit. And no, I’m not joking. I mean look at this!

That is absolutely incredible! I can’t think of any band other than Iron Maiden that has their mascot being a part of the set – let alone being in the pit! It may have been difficult to move in, but this was such a cool addition to an already legendary set! I’m so fuckin glad that I was able to see Fullminator and I hope that they can perform in the States more often. Their style of crossover thrash is so enjoyable and their set was a ton of fun. If Fullminator is playing in your area, then do not miss out on them! 

Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre, an Illinois crossover thrash act with Belushi Speed Ball energy, performed after Fullminator. These guys performed at the last St. Thrashricks festival and, honestly, I kind of forgot how fun their sets are. I liked their set last year just fine, but this year I felt that they were a lot better. They sounded much better compared to last year in my opinion and they were a lot more fun this time. I remember their singer mentioned that their new album is coming soon too. Part of what made Texas Toast’s set fun this time was the beef Nemesis. 

There was something of a wrestling thing going on between the two bands, which culminated in a spectacle after Nemesis’ set. Nemesis performed (after some technical difficulties) to a tired but still energetic crowd. Nemesis played a shortened set – partly due to technical issues. But it was fun nonetheless. After the set, the Nemesis trio had a thin wood board laid over two bar seats. Texas Toast singer Josh Kandich joined Nemesis on stage and smacked Nemesis guitarist Corey Hetrick with a folding chair. Then bassist Jason Duncan threw Kandich threw the wood board and Nemesis was declared the winner. 

There are photos of the aftermath floating around social media and it got a lot of laughs out of people. For anyone wondering, yes, everyone was alright after this was all said and done. 

The Headlining Acts

By this point in the day, I am getting exhausted. Seeing eight high-energy bands in succession was slowly taking its toll. But, there were only two bands left. So, I powered through what I could and stuck around for the headlining acts. The first headlining act was meant to be Agent Steel. But, after they dropped, New Jersey’s Blood Feast stepped in to fill the bill. Blood Feast was pretty fun, having more of a frantic sound than Nemesis. 

This was my first time ever seeing Blood Feast, and they were pretty good. The St. Thrashricks crowd, though thinned out a touch, was still active and thrashing about. People threw pool noodles and deflated inflatables around the pit and it was all so much fun. I stepped out to get some air and I vaguely recall that Blood Feast announced that their new album coming out in the spring. I’m not entirely sure if I heard correctly, so fans will have to keep their eye out for more info from the band.

Closing out the night was Florida’s Massacre, making their only US appearance of the year! This was I think my fourth time seeing Massacre. These legends of the underground really need no introduction. However, I was completely exhausted by the time they went on stage. So, I only ended up staying for about two songs of their set. But those two songs I heard were fuckin incredible! Massacre played “From Beyond” I believe in full. From what I heard after the fact, Massacre’s set was a great time. Those who stayed enjoyed seeing them. Although I didn’t stay for the entire set, I still enjoyed seeing Massacre at St. Thrashricks 2024. 


First, let me say thank you very much to everyone involved in putting St. Thrashricks 2024 together, from the promoters to the bands to the venue staff! Infinite Terror really outdid themselves this time around. The lineup was killer, even with the changes. It may have been a long day, but it was incredible fun from start to finish! And the turnout for the festival was immense, drawing probably close to 150-200 people. Critter and Annie did a fantastic job putting all of this together and I know that it takes a lot to pull something like this off. 

It was awesome getting to see these bands live and I’m really glad that they could make their way out to Baltimore! I hope that they can all come back sometime soon! I know next year’s St. Thrashricks is already in the works and I can’t wait to see what Critter and Annie do next time! Honestly, I don’t even know if there is anything I could suggest to make it better that hasn’t already been thought of. Infinite Terror shows are some of the most fun shows you can get in Baltimore. Believe me when I say that it is well worth the trek to join in on the fun!

Original post can be found here: Dovendyr – Heavy Metal Historian

The bands that performed at St. Thrashricks 2024 (listed in alphabetical order) and the promoters can be found at the following: 

Infinite Terror: Facebook, Instagram, Merch, Youtube

Blood Feast: Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, Hell’s Headbangers, their homepage, Spotify, Tidal

Corrupted Palace: Facebook

Desolus: Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram

Electrocutioner: Bandcamp, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube

Fullminator: Bandcamp, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube

Massacre: Bandcamp, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube

Nemesis: Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, YouTube

Non Residents: Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, TikTok, Youtube

Skullovich: Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify
Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre: Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, YouTube

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