Bongfoot – Kill the Hippies Premiere


We are extremely excited to bring you the official premiere of Kill the Hippies, the new single from the upcoming album Help the Humans…, by  North Carolina based stoner/sludge/thrash act Bongfoot, out May 8, 2024. Listen to the new track exclusively at the link below.

Exclusive Track Stream

About Bongfoot

Lead Vocals/Guitar- Ryan Kovacs
Drums/Vocals- Curry Davis
Bass/Vocals- Jacob Galloway
Single Art: Lily Petruziello
Album Art: Steven Yoyada

Forget what you know. Bongfoot is no longer a stoner band. We present to you a glimpse intothe Bongverse. Demonic rhythm funk breaks the sound barrier. Green skies and charred earthturns water to dust. In America we trust. Bongfoot never worked for the CIA…


Find Bongfoot’s full lore further down in this article. Follow the band below:

Bongfoot – Help the Humans…

First Full Length Album. Recorded at Round Table Recordings by Reilly Appert

OUT MAY 8th 2024!!!

Bongfoot Lore

Our story begins at the dawn of time. Amidst the carnage of the primordial stew sprouted an entity now
known to us humans as “Bongfoot”. Wild was the entity born upon our earthly plane, and for eons, they
wandered the uninhabitable land. One day amongst the desolate landscape he came upon a haven of
green and flourishing life. There, Bongfoot was greeted by the celestial being Mother Gaia. It was
revealed that the being had long ago fled from her original home in the cosmos, and had long been
pursued by the benevolent evils that hid in between the fabric of our universe and the infinite space of the unknown.

Upon landing on the third significant mass from the center of the Milky Way, a spark was lit. The
fire from the spark spawned the violent existence of Nature. Bongfoot upon meeting this being,
suppresses the wildness of its being and gains the ability to reason. Under orders and the watchful eye of
Mother Gaia, Bongfoot set out to terraform the world and become a lord over what is formed.
Thousands of years went by, undisturbed only by the life cycle of Gaia; create, destroy, rebuild. Until one
day a terrible cry came echoing through the cosmos and shook the earth to its very core. Mother Gaia
wept because she knew too well that the source of anguish came as a result of the ancient evil that once
hunted her. Troubled by this she sends Bongfoot out into the vast universe in an attempt to slow the
encroaching tide of insidious hatred.

Long did Bongfoot travel, and the sights witnessed painted a picture of total war and subjugation of all
living things. Each galaxy traversed showed more and more signs of vileness and greed.
Too long did Bongfoot spend trying to save the lost souls of these worlds, to no avail. Disgruntled,
Bongfoot began his long voyage home to report his findings. However, near the edge of what is known,
Bongfoot felt fear for the first time. Bongfoot gazed upon the Death God of the Universe.
Wrapped around the edge of the universe was the skin of a snake. A supreme entity of incomprehensible
size and might. The scales that shed from this colossus could be utilized to advance the technological
capabilities of the organisms who could wield them. Forever enhancing the living creatures of the
universe’s living conditions, but tying them slowly and closer to indentured reliance upon the Death God’s

Bongfoot returns to a destroyed Earth. The world he once cared for and watched over had become
infested with vile creatures known to the animals as “humans”. They wore suits and ties and bore no
features upon their faces. They spoke as a hive mind, and were ruled by an entity known as “The Board
of Trustees.”

Some say that these beings came from outside the very edge of the universe. Passing into the universe
before the Great Snake began devouring itself. They once lived in harmony with the Death God. They
survived there by trading with the other humans who remained in the Unknown, and by using the scales
of the Death God when it would pass them by. Eventually, the humans became greedy and overharvested
the scales of the Leviathan. This sent the Death God into a frenzy in which it began devouring
itself, creating the boundaries of the universe as we know it today.

This gave the humans unlimited access to the Hoop Snake’s powers, and they began building
instruments of destruction. Through their newfound might, they waged war against all life and quickly
conquered most of the universe. They chose Earth as their new capital, and tragically their arrival was
only moments after Bongfoot had left the earth.

The hour of complete subjugation of Gaia is close at hand.

Save Mother Gaia, Bongfoot!

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