A Look at Balbriggan’s Music Scene, The Irish Institute of Music and Song and KÎND


Ireland, a tiny island country to the far west reaches of Europe may be small in size and population, but do not be fooled; for when it comes to the creative arts, it is brimming with talent of all sorts.

If you have ever attended an event here, be it a concert or a musical or a theater performance, it most likely took place in the capital city of Dublin. On any night of the week, you can walk into most bars, theatres, concert halls, and even churches, and find something exciting happening – be it a concert, a poetry reading, a book signing, a drag show – you name it, and you can find it. For a long time, Dublin was THE place to be – but today, we’re going to take a 40 minute train journey north of Dublin to a little town called Balbriggan.

Twenty years ago, Balbriggan was a beach side town with only a main street and houses scattered a mile in each direction, but today it is a thriving commuter town with almost 35,000 residents. You may be asking me why you’re getting a history lesson in your daily reading of a music blog, and my answer to you is this: a brand new concert hall and venue that is being built as I write this.

The Irish Institute of Music and Song, which – you guessed it – can be found in Balbriggan, has in recent years become a hot spot for musicians, music students, and concert goers alike. Not only is the Institute a music school, but it also currently has an intimate concert venue which puts on candlelit gigs in the evenings, as well as a restaurant (the “LaLa Cafe”) and a living quarters for those visiting from far and wide to witness the events put on there.

One event in particular that has especially piqued my interest in the venue is the stripped back prog-rock concert that I will be going to attend there on December 3rd.

Irish band KÎND, fronted by singer songwriter Matthew Redmond, will be performing their set with a more intimate, stripped back arrangement, and couldn’t have chosen a better venue to debut this new sonic experience. Concert goers will be able to hear the band’s set list in a completely new light, and experience songs such as “Fix of Dopamine”, the bands debut single, as if for the first time.

The venue is building a four hundred seater music hall that will be open as soon as March 2023, and if you miss them this time around, perhaps you will be able to experience the wonder that is KÎND at the brand new concert hall again at a later date.

In the meantime, you can check out KÎND’s music on all streaming platforms, as well as find out more about the Irish Institute of Music and Song via their website.

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