Artist Review: Rosenfeld


Artist: Rosenfeld

Label: Artist Partner Group, WLTD Entertainment Ltd

Location: Paris, France

Written by Keszia

French singer-songwriter, and producer, Simon Rosenfeld publicly debuted his project ‘Rosenfeld’ when he 19-years-old with Cool Cool Boy. Utilising his background in classical-training and expertise across multiple instruments, Rosenfeld has covered personal themes of sex and intimacy, self-discovery, loss and grief, and unhealthy relationships across a number of genres and styles.

Since Cool Cool Boy was released in 2018, Rosenfeld went on to explore his musical range and talents, which is evident when comparing it to more recent tracks like stfu and True from his EP The Red Room, which he released through his own production agency WLTD Entertainment in 2020. He started out with more R&B-type electronic sounds, and over the years has explored more alternative and jazzy styles, as well as impressing listeners with his piano and guitar skills.

One track that stands out for me with regard to his overall style of sensual, alternative electro would be stfu, which reminds me of Cage The Elephant’s 2008 track Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked both in terms of theme and genre.

Rosenfeld also captures many facets of romance and intimacy, taking us on a journey of the experiences of love, passion, and intimacy – and everything else in between and the roller-coaster of emotions that often goes along with them. From a surrender to a divine feminine with Dangerous Woman:

You would break my heart

And I would still come right back

You caught me off guard

I have lost this fight

So come on and end me

I’m at your mercy

Or abandoning one’s self in order to be loved by a particular person in True:

I wanted to be anything you would love

A stranger to myself

And to everyone else

To the far less emotionally connected aspects in I Don’t Need Your Name:

I don’t want your love

I just want your night

So let’s stop wasting time

And I don’t need your name

Rosenfeld is able to cover multiple aspects of what it is like to navigate relationships, not only external relationships with other people, but also the inner personal relationship we have with ourselves.

If you’ve made it this far and are undecided on Rosenfeld as your next favourite artist, give yourself a few moments to listen to some of my personal favourites – Like U, with a sensual electronic rhythm and sexy guitar riffs and lyrics, which all remind me of Muse; Gimme Love with steady R&B-eqsue beats; and Do It For Me, with smooth bass, electrifying rhythms, and raunchy lyrics. I strongly believe these would have been great additions to films like 50 Shades of Grey, I would even be so brave as to suggest they would have done that franchise justice by featuring on their soundtracks.

What I would love to see next from Rosenfeld is something that incorporates his French nationality into his music; because as we all know, it’s the one language that’s considered to be the most romantic in the world. Perhaps that explains why he’s found so much success with his EP and singles to date.

Listen to Rosenfeld on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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