Android’s Cottage – Welcome Ohm Album Premiere


We are extremely pleased to bring you the official premiere of Welcome Ohm, the debut album from space fantasy synth project Android’s Cottage, released today. Listen to the full album and learn more about the project.

Album Stream

About the Album

Android’s Cottage is a space fantasy project combining elements of Science Fiction and Comfy Synth using hardware synthesizers.  The main theme of the album is the comfy yet lonely feeling of being in Outer Space. I came up with the concept while watching the 80’s anime series Galaxy Express 999. Musically I was inspired by a number of Comfy Synth artists, film composers and most notably a Kraftwerk song entitled “Ohm Sweet Ohm”, which is a wonderful proto-Comfy Synth track.  

I started releasing solo music in November, 2022 under my main Dungeon Synth project Cloister Shadows.  I also release Comfy Synth under my project Fable Sage.  

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