Worm Hero – The Scarrakh’s Contradiction


Worm Hero provide us with a truly unique offering of experimental, mathy, electronic infused grindcore on their latest release The Scarrakh’s Contradiction.

The UK three piece have created a sound all of their own for this album and putting exactly what that is into words is no easy feat. If I had to simplify it I would call it mystical space grind. The music is incredibly varied in style and tone and the vocals on the album further develop this complexity. There’s a great balance between melody, technicality, dissonance and atmosphere that ebbs and flows throughout the release.

I’ll start with the vocals, because for me this was one of the clear standouts from the album that really helped it to stand out from anything else I’ve heard. The more standard guttural grindcore vocals are what you would expect from a band of this nature, however the other styles employed are where things get interesting. The clean vocals have an unhinged sort of feeling to them and are presented in a way that feels emotional and as if something isn’t quite right, in a way that induces a certain level of anxiety in the listener. The harsh/spoken/distorted vocal style that is employed at times feels very alien. Then you have the rawer, semi screeched style that is used in unison with heavy electronic elements to build more of an otherworldly sound.

The heavy use of synth/electronic/noise elements throughout the album is a key reason for its complexity and it wouldn’t be nearly as captivating without it. The trio use these elements to give the whole album an alien/otherworldly feel and to build tension. Track 3 Severance of the Godhand is the best example of this, where a lot of the track’s intensity is thanks to these elements.

The instrumental work itself is highly varied and impressively complex. There’s everything from grindcore and prog metal to mathcore elements and post-metal segments. There’s an equal focus on crushing heaviness and impressive technicality as there is on creating tense and oppressive atmospheric segments. The guitar work in particular is at times stunning and at other times assaulting and is a central driving force on the album. The way that the strings and drums tie in perfectly with the electronics shows just how impressive the band’s song writing ability is.

Seeing as the release is only 4 songs, I’ll keep my top tracks section brief. The aforementioned track 3 Severance of the Godhand would have to be my overall favourite. It showcases such unusual vocals and develops an impressive level of atmosphere, while still maintaining aggression and heaviness. The opening track The Violent Rite of Succession is also one hell of a song and a perfect intro. It’s assaulting, dissonant and dizzying and shows both sides of the band’s sound right off the bat.

Overall, I thought that this was an excellent release rfrom a band with a crazy amount of potential and what I hope is a bright future ahead of them. If you enjoy music that smashes genre boundaries and champions innovation, then this is a must listen.

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