whorror – Killing in Evernight


Artist: whorror

Album: Killing in Evernight

Label: Independent
Release Date: 30/10/2022

Location: Prescott, Arizona

Arizona’s whorror present us with a uniquely atmospheric offering of black metal with their debut album Killing in Evernight.

The project is made up of sole member Vargahl who is responsible for all elements of the music as black metal of this nature often is. This isn’t your run of the mill atmospheric black metal though, this is haunting, dark ambient infused black metal with a raw edge to it. There’s an equal focus put on moody immersiveness as there is on the more biting black metal elements and this balance is what makes the album so great.

The release takes unusual inspiration for its atmospheric elements. It almost feels like the artist has drawn on horror movie soundtracks to the point that 28 Days Later actually comes to mind for me when listening to it. I also feel like the album’s artwork reenforces that feeling and I think that it’s actually very fitting that I listened to the album for the first time on Halloween. It’s the guitar tone and the melodies employed for the most part that give the music this quality, they have that equal parts dangerous, haunting and depressive energy to them. Track 5 Black Magick, Black Metal is probably the best example of this.

Aside from this horror essence, the other thing that makes the album, so captivating is the raw lo-fi nature of the music. The way the album has been recorded immensely adds to the overall atmosphere. It gives the music even more of a haunting quality and adds a real bite to the instrumental and vocal elements. It feels at points like you’re listening to music from another realm, one where terror reigns supreme and that the veil between our worlds has become thin enough for these horrific emanations to pour through.

I also have to say that the album has some extremely well written riffs and hooks. These are further amplified by the tones the lo-fi production that is applied to them. There’s a great balance struck between cleaner crisper riffs with more emotion to them and cold and biting riffs that grate at the listener.

Overall, I think that this is one of the more interesting atmospheric raw black metal albums I’ve heard recently. I can definitely say that any fan of black metal should at least find this to be an interesting listen. Those who like their black metal a little more on the unusual side should find this to be well worth their time.

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