WAKE – Thought Form Descent


Artist: WAKE
Album: Thought Form Descent

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: 07/22/22

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Wake hails from Alberta, Canada. Very much sounding like a European band, Thought Form Descent starts out huge and full of life and darkness, so emotional and yet so bleak and heavy. It’s almost too hard to put your finger on just what it’s supposed to be. Almost manic and freeform yet somehow there is a calculated menace to it. This album brought me to my knees. Every sound and riff is beautifully produced and sounds excellent. Which is not what you’d expect from a blackened death sludge grind album, yet here it is in all it’s glory.

“Infinite Inward” starts off with big crushing riffs and massive amounts of ambiance. Dragging you deeper in we find the grindcore and death elements in “Swallow the Light”. Appearing completely out of nowhere is the super emotional and extremely progressive “Observer to Master” showcasing solos and softer passages that just make this song feel so huge in scope, like it was screaming from the top of a mountain. Closing with another unbelievably huge dirge “Bleeding Eyes of the Watcher” is a showcase of almost nine minutes of what this band can do. The talent and songwriting on display here is near perfection.

Wake has crafted their sound over the years, from what used to be a noise/grind band into something so unidentifiable and genre bending that it’s almost impossible to classify this. This band is going to be on several album of the year lists this year and with good reason. Thought Form Descent will be this bands defining moment propelling them into the limelight where they definitely belong

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