Wyoming Young & Strong – Grey Blade Track Premiere


We are extremely please to bring you the official premiere of Grey Blade, the first single from the upcoming album Wicked Upon You by Seattle, Washington based stoner/noise rock act Wyoming Young & Strong, out February 9th.

Track Stream

About Wyoming Young & Strong

Wyoming Young and Strong are:

Josh Engelhardt – Guitar and Vocals

Josh Williams – Drums and Vocals

Jason Kopec – Bass and Vocals

Wyoming Young and Strong has been singing folk songs dedicated to this epic hero since their inception. Josh, Jason, and Josh have arranged these songs in the tradition of Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Vocals. Just like the Triad of the Vision before them, they wind the tales of Wyoming through the lens of stoner and noise rock. Taking inspiration from the Melvins, Shellac and Sleep.

About Wicked Upon You by Seattle

Wicked Upon You, Wyoming Young & Strong’s latest release, continues to tell the tale of our fabled hero Wyoming, a man who has journeyed across time and space after being forcibly and unwittingly transported to an unforgiving future. Wyoming has overcome challenges and grown through his adventures, learning about the evolution of humankind and his own magical lineage. His current path ties to his past, as his past ties to his future. 

This release finds Wyoming in the midst of realization. Following the events chronicled on the previous Bend the Night 7-inch release, he has been a part of losing battle in the Winter War and is now tasked with returning the witches of Tappurien to their home. En route, their ship is attacked and destroyed by an ancient, gargantuan beast known as the Tursulas. After floating at sea for days on the wreckage he is captured by the Grey Blade. This horrific submersible also holds other enslaved victims of the gods, and one regales him with the tale of Burned Path, outlining how his world has fallen and why Wyoming must find a way through this new hellish landscape of destruction. The Grey Blade then delivers him to an old enemy of humankind that can best be described as an omniscient celestial. This being is all powerful, but yet still derives pleasure from tormenting humans. In the final saga Space Wizard, we hear about one of the mighty but delusional Magi that Wyoming previously met. His recollection of this event helps him understand more about how the Magi can at times falter, and what they must do for humankind to ascend. 

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