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Vexing Hex Returns With Solve Et Coagula, One Of 2024’s Best Albums: When I first heard the debut album by Vexing Hex, Haunt, I instantly became a fan of their Occult Rock, retro sounds. Then they put out a track called “Red Harvest”, and it helped pull me in deeper, but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing sounds on their upcoming album, Solve Et Coagula.

Artist: Vexing Hex

Release Name: Solve Et Coagula

Label: Wise Blood Records

Location: Illinois, USA

Release Date: June 21st, 2024

Written By: Tom Hanno/Tom’s Reviews

Read Tom’s interview with the band HERE

The first thing that I noticed upon re-listening to their debut album, Haunt, is that the sound of Solve Et Coagula is much cleaner, which is due to a masterful production job. Vexing Hex coupled that with an upgraded sense of songwriting, leaving their final product with a much fuller, more mature sound. 

Sadly, there are going to be comparisons to a very famous band coming from people who are hearing Vexing Hex for the first time, but I feel that is a short sighted look at this music. If you listen past the surface, really digging into the layers of these songs, then you will find that there is much more going on than what Tobias Forge puts into his band.

The first single was “Into The Night”, which also serves as the album’s opener, and it’s a fantastic song, but the further the record goes on, the better the songs get. The chorus here is infectious, singable, and at the end of it there seems to be a bit of Theremin, though I’m not sure if it’s that or a keyboard mimicking one. No matter what it is, it adds a cool sound to the track.

Believe it or not, “VViccaphobia”, manages to pull off an Alice In Chains meets Ghost vibe, as well as reminding me of what Metallica would sound like if they went in a Doom direction, all with an added splash of Danzig for flavor. It’s also as memorable as the other tracks we’re talking about, this album is like that though, each and every track will stick in your head like Gorilla Glue.

The 3rd single is also my favorite track, a killer little tune called “One Thousand Eyes”. This is the most Pop oriented Metal song that I’ve heard in quite some time, and is also where I think people will draw the largest comparison to Ghost; honestly, every track on this album blows Ghost out of the water, and I say that as a fan of theirs. The riffs, the vocals, the overall presentation, everything presented here is simply “top drawer” quality.

“Poison Apple” is another favorite of mine, and, in the band’s words,   …

“It really is just a familiar fairy tale from a villainous perspective. When it comes to art, there’s often many meanings and deeper layers you can take from it, but “Poison Apple” is about as shallow, saccharine, and silly as we have ever gotten, and it’s great fun.”

I love the melody, and the playful lyrics are a perfect match to the overall vibe of the music. If this doesn’t get you bopping along and singing, then you’re probably dead, because anyone with working ears is going to be obsessed with this song.

Other Standout Tracks: “Besmirched”, “Sarcophagus”, “Solve Et Coagula”

In Closing:

After hearing this entire record more times than I can even count, I’ve come to the conclusion that Vexing Hex recorded it with Crack, because I’m hopelessly addicted to Solve Et Coagula. Every track is an earworm, burrowing their way deep into your mind, keeping you eternally entertained in the best way possible.

We’re only 6 months into 2024, and I’m confident in calling this release “2024’s Best Occult Rock Album”!

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