Two Feet – Shape and Form


Artist: Two Feet

Album: Shape & Form

Label: AWAL Recordings America, Inc., Republic Records

Release Date: May 13, 2022

Location: United States

Written by Keszia

Crowned the “King of Sex Playlists” by Paper Magazine, Zachary William “Bill” Dess is an American singer-songwriter and producer whose musical influence is evident in Shape & Form. Dess grew up listening to R&B and rap, he also created compositions for his middle school orchestra, and later found his niche in Chicago blues, hip-hip, and trap music. He weaves all of these influences into his work, making a sound so unique – it’s no surprise he found overnight success.

He first found fame through SoundCloud in 2016 with Go Fuck Yourself (featured on his EP, First Steps), which quite literally went viral overnight, attracting millions of plays, and was promptly signed to Republic Records. Since then, Dess went on to create a further EP and three studio albums before releasing Shape & Form earlier this year.

Dess’ music contains some very real and relatable themes, and I can find something in each track off this album, whether it’s something I can relate to or the track gives me a glimpse into his own mind. Tracks like ADHD and Tell Me The Truth bring out these (what I like to call) “soft ballads”, where you can feel genuine soul and frustration in his lyrics, while being carried beautifully with the musical ensemble behind them.

Here are a few excellent examples, and also some of my favourite lyrics from Shape & Form, that I believe do an excellent job to really surface genuine emotion, passion, and frustration which Dess effortlessly captures in every single track he creates:

Contemplate nothing and die on a hill / That I built up with my distrust

Exercise caution when talking to me

I can’t ever focus / And I hope it’s just ADHD

Telling jokes is hopeless / Because nothing is funny to me

(from ADHD)

Every time that you fuck with me, I wanna let you go

But I can’t ‘cause I don’t really know how to let you know

One, I feel nothing

Two, I got something

Three, I need you near

(from Devil)

That dick she had, ain’t gonna change her

She think she’s bad and likes the danger

Her psychic tells her to go but she don’t give advice for free

Whole life in a broken bag, I wonder if that came for free

(from Caviar)

For too long, I dream of you / All that you do

I watch you float on, float on

For too long, I contemplate / I try to be all that you need

(from Tell Me The Truth)

ADHD has got to be in my top 3 songs from this album for its raw emotional surrender to this mental disorder. For those who have a diagnosis, you’ll be able to relate to the characteristics he depicts of difficulties focusing, over thinking, and a literal thought process that causes jokes to fall flat. Tell Me The Truth also comes in to my top 3 for similar reasons – this time it’s a mental battle over the validity of a tense relationship. Lastly, Fire In My Head completes it for me with R&B/hip-hip tones blended with some electric guitar of the musical chorus that contrasts the mellow lyrical verses on this track – it’s just something else for me, really.

Two Feet has featured on a few popular tracks such as Drugs with UPSAHL, I Want Love with Gryffin, and PATCHWERK with Sub Urban already, so it’s safe to assume he will continue to find success with his signature sound, and I wait with great anticipation to see what he does and who he works with next.

Listen to Shape & Form on Spotify.

Two Feet is currently on tour – find the dates here.

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