Tropo – Siente Tu Corazón

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Artist: Tropo

Album: Siente Tu Corazón

Label: Gravitas Recording

Release Date: 07/09/2021

Country: USA

On this upcoming release Tropo has created something truly special by combining live violin in a mix of brooding ethnic electronic and organic world/folk music collaborations with musicians from around the world. The end result is an album unlike anything else that I’ve heard before. Siente Tu Corazón is a global journey exploring the world through music. Each track is vastly different to the last and takes the listener to places they definitely will not expect to go. The songs on this album come from Tropo’s travels around Mexico, Turkey, Russia and Austria and were made with people he met on his travels. This is why each song reflects the place in which it was created and the people who helped to work on it.

The album opens with Siente Tu Corazón, the album’s title track and immediately draws the listener in. Between the violin, the unique Mexican/Spanish inspired musical elements and rhythms, as well as the impressive vocal performance by Alfonso Toro and Arturo Lome (all in Spanish), it’s a powerfu opener. The following track Pantano Místico is a smooth and relaxed yet immersive offering made up of guitar, violin and wind instruments. This song still draws on sounds from Mexico but from a very different realm to the first track.

The third track on the album is my personal favorite and is an incredibly powerful piece of music titled The Summoning. Things shift from Mexico now into a far more Middle Eastern inspired track. The instruments employed on this track are of a Middle Eastern nature (such as the duduk played by Gevorg Dabaghya, but more than that the electronic and violin elements take on these same traits. There’s a mysterious and mystical feeling about the whole song that keeps you hooked from start to finish. I feel as if this track is the perfect blend between folk instrumentation and house music as the entrancing house beat is still very much present, but you easily forget that you’re listening to house music.

Track 4 is a light and upbeat track with soothing melodies and focuses on the beauty of the Earth, a message presented beautifully by Ayla Nereo’s vocal work. Track 5 Twilight Fox is a free-flowing track with a very open and expansive feeling to it. It follows a fox roaming freely through an untamed world, an energy that is perfectly expressed through the music. Things dramatically shift on track 6 Blue Mountain where the tone becomes far darker and more dramatic. The track has an epic sort of feeling to it, as if it could usher in something profound. It also feels as if it could easily be featured in an action film somehow, it has that dramatic edge to. The same can almost be said about track 7 Days To Come, which has a free roaming feeling to it but sits very much in the realm of downtempo bass.

Track 8 Feathered Serpent has some fantastic melodies and rhythms to it and features some moving violin parts throughout. Tropo described this track as a a tribal observation of flowing drum patterns inspired by the Mayan people. Track 9 Disco Dreams shifts gears swiftly and presents us with an upbeat, cheerful and higher energy track featuring pan flute and acoustic guitar. You’ll also find the bounciest electronic elements of the whole album on this song.

Finally, we have the album closer Tempest, which is one of my personal favourites on the album. This is a captivating piece of music that centers around a mesmerising beat that continues to shift and grow as the song progresses. In particular, the percussive beats employed on the song are some of the best on the album and really help to draw and maintain the listeners attention. Beats aside though the string instrumental work is also top notch, both from the violin and guitar. The track comes to somewhat of a crescendo before mellowing to a relaxed close and wrapping up what has been an explorative and mind opening journey.

Overall, I thought that this album was unique in style and sound and that both the song writing, and execution were extremely solid. I applaud Tropo for undertaking this creative endeavor and look forward to seeing what he does next. If it’s anything like this, then count me in as a fan. For those of you who aren’t into electronic, or house music please note that this is not your standard offering of the genre. I suggest taking a chance on this one as it may surprise you.

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