TK Blockstar- Malicious Heart


Artist: TK Blockstar

Album: Malicious Heart

Label: Independent

Release Date: May 28th, 2019

Location: Born in Detroit, Michigan, raised in Fairmont, West Virginia

TK Blockstar bounced between foster care and the streets as she grew up. The artist spent ten

years in the foster care system and most of her teenage years homeless. As a youth, Blockstar

reveled in creative writing, poetry, and short stories. Around 15-16 years old, she started

performing freestyles and attempted to create songs. After taking her poetry and stories and

applying an instrumental to them, she began her journey into becoming a lyricist. After a federal

drug charge and serving five years, Blockstar readjusted the direction of her life. On May 28th,

2019, TK Blockstar released her second album, Malicious Heart, within the same year.

The album was a breeze to listen to, not overstaying its welcome with ten tracks, lasting half an

hour. The first taste of Blockstar’s lyrical prowess occurs with the first track, Came a Long Way.

In the track, she details the ups and downs of her life, the friends she has lost, and how she

persevered regardless. The first song is a strong opener and serves as a decent appetizer for the

following songs. Sprinkled throughout Malicious Heart are a handful of guest features that stand

out. Accompanying Blockstar on Came a Long Way is Adrian Michael, who croons on the hook

eloquently, along with the following tracks New Tings and Go Right Now.

Other artists J Word and Og987 SG join Blockstar on When It Rains, where they flex their

rapping skills and lean braggadocious. The other artists hold their own, but Blockstar remains the

standout, rightfully. Yet another compelling aspect of the project is the production. The instrumentals with which

Blockstar raps are a fascinating mixture of trap and music that harkens back to decades before.

As the album closes out with the final track, Thank God, Blockstar ends on a positive note while

appreciating the blessings in her life. The album was a quick, breezy record with no filler; and

warrants a listen to those looking to expand their tastes with underground hip hop.

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