Thumos – Symposium


Artist: Thumos
Album: Symposium

Label: Snow Wolf Records

Release Date: February 14th, 2022

Location: USA

Mysterious US instrumental prodigy Thumos returns with another album that is sure to get the underground scene talking once again. Following a collection of B-sides and a collaborative effort with spaceseer we now get the next full-length release in the Plato album series.

The technical proficiency of the project is as always on full display, however there’s something different about this release. The artist has expanded their sound to include a dramatic flair, a renewed focus on atmosphere and elements of post-punk/goth rock. These new inclusions encourage the listener to fully immerse themselves in the auditory journey on which they have embarked.

The opening track Phaedrus opens the album with the aforementioned dramatic flair, giving the listener the feeling of embarking upon a perilous quest that could very well result in their untimely demise. However, you’re not frightened by the danger that lies before you, no, this is triumphant ecstasy, a eagerness to face the perils that await.

The second track Pausanius shows the more atmosphere focused side of the release, immersing the listener in melancholic tones. While the track may begin this way part way through, you’ll find more progressive/post-metal style elements and a shift towards technicality rather than atmosphere.

The third track Eryximachus is where Thumos brings in their newfound post-punk/goth rock influences. This isn’t a straight up offering of 80s inspired moody music, no, this is a complex contemporary take on these genres that make it feel like something new and exciting. You’ll even find some subtle back metal inspiration in the mix if you pay attention.

Next up is the album’s first single Aristophanes, which will probably feel the most familiar to fans of the project’s previous albums. However, there are new elements of stoner rock and blues mixed in with the more technical, aggressive elements on the track. I can see why this was chosen as the single, as it demonstrates a lot of the album’s range in a short period of time, as well as just being a stellar track by its own merits.

I’m not going to break down every track on the album for you, I think that you get the idea from the first four tracks that this is a highly varied and complex album. However, I do want to say that track seven Diotima features some of the most stunning guitar tone on the album and that the album’s closer Alcibiades is a truly epic piece of music that runs for over ten minutes and covers an impressive amount of ground.

If you’ve read my review of Thumos’ previous album The Republic then you’ll know that I’ve said this before, but if you’re one of those weird underdeveloped people who can’t listen to music without vocals, then this probably won’t be for you. However, if you’re an adult with an actual attention span of more than 3 minutes then you’re probably going to absolutely love this release.

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