The Misery Men – To Bring You My Love Premiere


To Bring You My Love Official Video

This is the third studio album from Portland, OR’s The Misery Men. Put simply the release is a blend of heavy grunge, doom and drone that’s lyrically driven. It’s been described as having Nirvana, Danzig, Acid Bath, and Sleep overtones.

Corey Lewis (the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist) had this to say about the album:

““I started writing Devillusion at the beginning of the Pandemic. 16 months of bloodletting 5 songs and 3 covers later we have an album. It was a therapeutic writing process to say the least. Inspired by the “Grunge” influencers in the PNW like Napalm Beach, Dead Moon, The Wipers, that definitely impacted TAD, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, etc. I wanted to pay homage to the folks who laid the foundation and paved the path that we walk down. I’m humbled and grateful daily that I have found a vortex that aligns with my frequencies to allow me through great collaboration to tap into the ether, transmutating a Rock n’ Roll album I feel proud to be a part of and co-produce with Rob Wrong. We all had a good time making this album. It’s been challenging but ever rewarding.”

The Misery Men – Devillusion

Artist: The Misery Men

Album: Devillusion

Label: Desert Records

Release Date: 01/10/2021

Country: United States

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