Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre – Super Turbo


“Hilarious lyrics, serious talent” would be how I would summaries Super Turbo at its base level. On a broader level the album delivers some of the best crossover thrash this side of the turn of the century. TTCM give us nothing but killer riffs, ample groove, undeniably funny lyrics, thick bass and powerful vocals. If you want to have a good time and not have to think to hard then this is perfect thing to play on repeat this summer. Or if you just want to rock out to songs about Godzilla, Robocop and petting dogs, then this album will also be for you.

Artist: Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre
Album: Super Turbo
Label: Independent
Release Date: June 28th, 2024
Location: Chicago, Illinois

Written by James Sweetlove

Here’s an album that immediate had me saying “wow, this was not what I expected,” it then continued to have me saying “how does this just keep getting better” with every track I heard. Its not often that a modern thrash act delivers a release that is consistently enjoyable for its entire duration, but TTCM make it feel almost effortless.

Going into listening to a band with the name Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre you have a preconceived understanding that this is going to be a comedy album. And while yes the lyrics are hilarious, there’s absolutely nothing funny about the song writing and instrumental quality on the album. The riffs alone on this album gives legacy bands and newcomers alike a run for their money. The band also come at a time when their unique delivery and inspirations are sorely needed to prevent both modern and more specifically “pizza thrash” from becoming something dull and stale.

Lyrically the album looks at an incredible range of obscure topics, including everything from Godzilla, Tokyo Gore Police, Robocop and petting dogs, to a Happy Gilmore killing spree and more. While these topics are approached from a comedic direction, the lyrics derived from them are extremely well written, very clever and genuinely hilarious. They also work them into the tracks in such a way that they tie perfectly into the energy of the music. Vocally the lyrics are delivered expertly, with a powerful, edgy vocal delivery that most crossover fans would truly appreciate. The vocals are also understandable enough that listeners can clearly hear each and every joke.

The number one element on the release for me has to be the guitar work, this is top-notch thrash metal, to such an extent that if someone asked me what a crossover thrash band sounds like I would offering this album over anything by Municipal Waste as a point of reference. The riffs that we’re treated to here are for more than I would have even known to ask for. Not only are they incredibly groovy but they’re heavy and powerful as all hell, with just the right amount of raw bite and distortion.

The bass work on the album is also top quality, with a rich tone and enough volume to be heard clearly in the mix, further expanding on the album’s overall grooviness. Drum wise the album has a lot going on, some insanely faced paced work, some far groovier moments and most importantly, a constant stream of uninterrupted energy being injected right into the arm of each and every track.

Overall I’m a huge fan of this album, in fact I think I’ve listened to it in full about five times now. Band’s like this and albums like this should serve as a reminder to other comedic metal acts that humour does not make up for poor musical quality, you can and should be able to deliver both. This is a release that I would absolutely love to see performed live, I can only imagine the energy that the band would bring to that setting. In summary, if you enjoy thrash in any capacity, then do not miss this album, and go into it with an open mind.

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