Tallah – The Generation of Danger


Artist: Tallah

Album: The Generation of Danger

Label: Earache Records

Release Date: 11/18/2022

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Written by Brian Lloy“Matriphagy” despite releasing several singles and music videos to support the album. “The Generation of Danger” is a huge step in a more frantic and free form direction. Adding a full DJ and keyboardist to the mix and amping up the aggression to eleven. The brutality of this album will have you taking a second to breathe between tracks.

Each track is a full exercise in spastic energy and out of control rhythms that set Tallah apart from their influences and their contemporaries alike. The old school Slipknot-like guitar tone and the math-centric brutality of old Dillinger Escape Plan, and a vocalist in Justin Bonitz that makes Mike Patton’s most psycho moments sound like easy listening. “The Generation of Danger” doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up for even a second until it does. Passages of whispering and insane ramblings give the album a dynamic and atmosphere of despair and disgust that few records achieve.

Between the onslaught of heavy riffs and dynamic drumming there is a melody achieved in each song, giving a second of catchiness and breath of fresh air to this decidedly almost overpowering release. Tallah has managed to take the nu-metal sound and do something so unique that it is like nothing else out there. A completely original take on an old idea. Making this easily one of the most intriguing releases of the year.

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