The album cover of Experimental Health from The Telescopes.

The Experimental Sounds of Memories


Title: The Experimental Sounds of Memories

Summary: This UK band bathes in nostalgia to deliver unpredictable noise rock. It’s not good or evil, it’s your raw feelings spilling from their instruments.

Genre: Space Rock, Electronica Experimental

Artist: The Telescopes

Release Title: Experimental Health

Label: Weisskalt

Release Date: February 24, 2023

Location: UK

Digital Price: $10

Written by: Stevie Aldrich

Visit your nearest LUSH store and buy out their entire stock of bath bombs. Under the shade of an above-ground swimming pool, dump every single one in. Now float.

Or, you could listen to The Telescopes’ album Experimental Health and skip whatever risky side effects might come from soaking in that many bath bombs. Either way, your senses will buzz and sparkle. There’s no headbanging or toe-tapping; instead, the slow and electric pulse The Telescopes emit will haunt you like any good psychedelic rock. We’re sleepy snakes in a basket, and they’re the snake charmers.

Experimental Health is far from the band’s first, or even tenth, album, so their sound shouldn’t surprise you. They’ve been around since the late 80s, and their influence and inspiration are far-reaching. Imagine if Bowie and The Velvet Underground gave birth to Portishead and The Dandy Warhols. The younger crowd will call it Lo-fi or dream pop, proving this sound is timeless. We all need an occasional music moment to close our eyes and feel something soft and powerful. Experimental Health will empower you to feel like the main character while also shrinking you down to a glittery particle of sand at the bottom of the ocean. Just roll with it.

Due to the genre’s rambling nature, I need the cliff notes to recognize any lyrics, but the words feel less important. The vocals are another instrument, adding layers to what’s already working. This is audible nostalgia. Fill in the blanks with whichever memories fit. If you do take the time to decipher the lyrics, the song “When I Hear the Sound” reinforces the nostalgic theme. The song repeats the idea of getting lost and then found, which mirrors our path through memories. How often do you say, “I got lost in my memories” after a fit of nostalgia?

Experimental Health is ambiguous but for the sake of attaching to the good and the bad. It’s all-purpose music when you feel like strolling through your past. For your health, push play whenever you need a main character moment.







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