Peru Week Day 6: Spectral Souls – Toward Extinction


Artist: Spectral Souls

Album: Towards Extinction

Label: Independent / Hammerheart Records

Release Date: April 29 2022

Location: Lima, Peru

Hailing from Lima Peru, Spectral Souls was formed back in 2019, and released their first full length in 2022. Pulling influence from old school Sepultura and Obituary Towards Extinction rushes in and starts pounding almost immediately.

Launching with the hefty “No More Gods For Me” and the blazing “No Hope For Humanity” the first thing that really captures your ear is how “old school” it actually sounds. Like it was recorded back in 1995. Listening further, “Crystal Generation” slows things down a bit into an old school Slayer meets Cannibal Corpse sound. Catchy and brutal as hell, the album never relents.

Spectral Souls is a band to watch in 2022 because they are bringing a breath of fresh air to the slew of other bands that never bothered to carry the torch of the old school into the new. Towards Extinction is absolutely and mind numbingly perfect straight forward death metal, that doesn’t have to play around with flashy imagery or gimmicks to get its point across. It’s just damn good death metal.

Listen to Toward Extinction on Bandcamp.

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