Space Coke – Lunacy


Artist: Space Coke

Album: Lunacy

Label: Forbidden Place Records

Release Date: 14/01/2022

Country: United States

Savanah’s psyched out doomsters Space Coke return with another bluesy offering in the form of their latest full-length album Lunacy, released January 14th on Forbidden Place Records.

The band have layered on the spaced out trippy atmosphere even thicker than before, giving the album a truly mind bending feel to it. While all of their albums fit this description, this one in particular is even more fuzzed out and distorted than before.

The opening track alone almost makes you feel like something has gone wrong with your own brain and that it isn’t processing music correctly. The instrumentals are a perfect blend of fuzzy and haunting and have a weirdly occult feel to them. This is appropriate given that the song is titled Bride of Satan. The vocals though are where this song truly shines, they are somewhere between spoken and sung but completely drenched in distortion, with fading and echoed effects applied. Honestly the release couldn’t have a more fitting opener.

Haunting spoken word segments such as the opening to track 2 Alice Lilitu add some serious dramatic effect to the mix. This just so happens to also be my favourite track on the album. From the very start it plays with the listeners head and doesn’t really let up at any point in its 12;36 runtime. The highly faded and distorted vocals muddle through the ever-flowing mix of various riffs and hooks on offer. Around the 7-minute mark or so things really pick up and the band give us some of the best psych guitar and drum work that I’ve heard in recent memory. This segment continues for several straight minutes but in my opinion could go on forever.

Track 4 Lightmare again opens with a haunting spoken horror based audio clip. This happens to be my second favourite track on the album and keeps things in the ultra-trippy realm. The organ plays a crucial role in this track’s overall essence really padding out that psych doom atmosphere. This track definitely has that psych essence but sits more firmly in the doom metal realm. There’s a fantastic level of overall groove present on this track though and a generally up-tempo energy.

The final track on the album Twist of Cain (feat Xothun) is a fantastic choice by the band and I don’t just say that because of my unreasonable love of anything Glen Danzig. They truly manage to do the song justice and give it a somewhat spooky/eerie feel to it while still maintaining the catchy, groovy nature of the original.

Overall, I was a huge fan of the album and I have to say that the band have managed to really push the boundaries here without things feeling forced. The use of distortion was done in such an impressive way that it truly elevated the album rather than just accentuating it. If you’re a psych doom fan, then you need to listen to this release.

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