South Africa Week: Day 6: Black Light Council – War


Artist: Black Light Council

Album: War

Label: Independently released

Released: 6/15/2022

Location: South Africa

The spirit of malevolence strikes the listener immediately on the title track, War. Tavian and Valoth give no warning for their all out vengeful assault on the soul. Valoth’s vocals are a demeneted battle cry that commands the distortion of reality and the tilting of nature until illusions reign supreme and human nature is turned on itself.

The effect of this black magic, this turning away from truth is illustrated in Ghosts of the Past and The Fools Won’t Burn Alone. We find ourselves lost in a dark world of our own making and are now used by the unknown entities in the shadows. The phantoms of our decisions and the demons we let in have encapsulated our evils in glass and preserved them for the future so that our misdeeds are continued.

Through the impenetrable sounds of Kataklysm, one imagines the nurturing inclination of the feminine being drained of faith and blood as she cries out in the depths of the earth for the suffering of living forms torn in spiritual war. All hope has sunken and the deceptive serpent, now the fully formed Satan, has achieved dominance over men’s hearts and uses them to power his machine as he sits majestically on his hellish throne. They prostrate and burn themselves to the alluring and victorious rhythm of this music in his name.

On A Sickened Darkness, man comes to terms with his own descent, the rope he tied around his own throat and his part in the dreams that have been taken away. Beginning to accept fully his sentence and being conscious now of his own darkness, he plunges and falls almost gloriously in the downward spiraling waves of this song, burning a final death in the scorching tones.

The twisted myth comes to a close with All is Quiet, as intimate forlorn guitar breaks up the subsiding smoke on the lifeless battlefield. There is the feeling that some hint of light may be salvaged from the ruins after the complete playout of chaos until all we hear at the end is the faint beating of the destructive heart, blood thirsty for more war.

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