Soreeyes – Sleep Waves


Artist: Soreeyes

Album: Sleep Waves

Label: Morbid and Miserable Records

Release Date: 15/10/2021

Country:United States

I’ve made it a point on CDM lately to cover more atmospheric black metal, both because I happen to love it and because I’ve received feedback from several of you that you enjoy the content. On that note I look at Soreeyes‘ upcoming release Sleep Waves, out this Friday on Morbid and Miserable Records.

The one-woman project hails from Toldeo, Ohio and solely features the talented Runa Klem who is responsible for guitars, vocals and drum and synth programming. The project’s sound is best described as post-black metal, atmospheric black metal and blackgaze. I’ve seen comparisons drawn to Jesu, Lantlôs and Deafheaven and I have to say that this is fairly accurate.

I should state that I’m not a Deafheaven fan and while I can see the comparisons between this project and the band, I do happen to prefer this. While Deafheaven’s smooth and atmospheric sound has been captured here I personally feel that this has rawer emotion and instrumental variety present. So, if you aren’t a fan of the band please don’t let my comparison put you off of listening to this release.

Guitar wise Runa has created some truly beautiful melodies on this release. The raw depressive atmosphere of black metal runs through the music on the album but the other post-metal and shoegaze elements give us some added variety of tone and energy. Blackgaze and post-black metal are styles that have come to really grow on me the past few years and I’ve come to appreciate the relaxing qualities they present, and they level of beauty that can be expressed in the music. The guitar tone employed on this album alone is a perfect example of this.

Vocally speaking Runa gives us a faded, ghostly and atmospheric style of black metal vocals. They sound as if they are coming from far away from the listener and passing through a thick fog or mist of some sort. They almost appear as a siren call, beckoning the listener to come closer and learn more about what they are trying to say.

The album discusses the artist’s experiences with self-harm, addiction, abuse, and death. Personally, I feel that the emotions attached to these topics has been effectively captured both instrumentally and vocally on this release. While there is a beauty present here there is also a sense of real pain and sorrow. It’s this balancing act that the project does so well, and the end product is stronger for it.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this release and suggest it to anyone seeking atmospheric blackgaze style music. This is a solid offering from an artist that I can see doing well for themselves. So, check it out today and let yourself be immersed in what Soreeyes has to offer.

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