Single Review: LAZERPUNK – Heavy Weapon

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While personally I don’t tend to review singles, Heavy Weapon was such a killer track that I was forced to change my stance on this matter and write this piece. To thank for this banger of a track we have Budapest based act LAZERPUNK and NewRetroWave.

The easiest way to define the track would have to be a perfect blend of darksynth, edm, and retrowave, all through a cyberpunk lens. What makes it such a standout track though is the ridiculously catchy beats and rhythms, pounding bass and truly commanding vocals. This is a perfect example of catchiness meets innovation, meets perfect aesthetic.

The track almost feels like something that can be features in a nightclub fight scene in a dystopian future based sci-fi film, a darkly lit FPS or maybe in a John Wick action scene that leaves 20 men dead. There’s a sense of danger and excitement to the music that lends itself to the darker segments of the listener’s imagination. This essence comes from both the swooning pulse of the music and the vocals employed on the track. They come across as cold and almost robotic, but also powerful and commanding. They bring to mind the announcer from Mortal Kombat, but mor importantly they keep the listener enthralled whenever they make their appearance. Both those vocals, the weapon focused lyrics and the beats give the track one of the catchiest courses I have heard in a very long time.

If you’re into the more alternative side of the electronic genre then this is a track that you won’t want to miss. It also served as my introduction to LAZERPUNK and led me down a deep rabbit hole of new music to enjoy. If you’re looking to get into this style of music, then I believe this single is the perfect starting point.

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