Singapore Week: Day 4: Fetid Scum – The Warlord


Artist: Fetid Scum
Album: The Warlord

Label: Independent
Release Date: August 1, 2022
Location: Singapore

Fetid Scum truly embody the underground spirit and DIY ethos, independently putting out six face melting grindcore/crust/thrash/doom/death metal offerings since 2020, all without having any social presence. The latest in this string of releases happens to be The Warlord, which serves as a prime example of just why this band kicks ass.

With eleven tracks and a total run time of eleven minutes and seventeen seconds, the album is a wild, no holds barred ride without any time to catch your breath or fully process what you are experiencing. Each track seamlessly bleeds onto the next and each is just as rabid and furious as the last. To thank for this offering of underground aggression we have the band’s two members Violent Desecrator (Vocals, Guitars, Bass) and Severed Torso Defiler (Drums), who not only home recoded all elements but did all post-production work.

The band’s sound is clearly based in grindcore, as is their song structure and energy. However, they manage to effortlessly work in elements of death metal, crust punk, thrash, doom and more. The variety of influences makes the album a captivating listen and helps to set it apart from other contemporary grindcore acts. What’s most impressive though is that the band manage to work so many elements into such short run times and yet things never feel rushed or claustrophobic.

You’ll find slower, fuzzier doom influenced segments breaking up moments of pure flurried grind aggression. These give way to catchy thrash style riffs and hooks before shifting into some death metal filth and bite. All the while crust punk rhythms, bass and energy weave in and out of the mix. Each element works in unison with the others and a balance is struck in the mix that each shine through just as clearly.

The bass in particular though, happens to be a star of the show and of the mix, rumbling through and at times towering over the other elements. The other element that deserves some real praise at the vocals, which range from rapid fire barked/shrieked grind style offerings through to powerful more guttural death metal stylings. Lastly I have to give a nod to the diversity of tone achieved on guitar, as it is abundantly clear when elements are meant to be doom influenced vs grind etc; not just thanks to the change in the style of hooks and riffs but thanks to the complete shift in the sound of the guitar itself.

What I find most impressive of all though is the production on the album. The band manage to find a perfect balance between a raw DIY sound and clear production that allows each element to shine. While things remain clear and unmuddied, there’s still a palpable level of filth, feedback and bite to the overall sound of the album. What makes it even more impressive is that every element on the album was recorded at the two members’ homes.

Overall, I believe that is a shining example of the Singaporean underground, both in the quality of the music itself and in the band’s overall ethos. If you like your music to be short, fast, angry and yet still well produced then this is the album for you.

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