Scarefield – A Quiet Country


Scarefield brings us 11 “killer” tracks on their debut album, A Quiet Country; released March 25th, 2024. The duo of  Simone Manuli and Markus Kristoffersson do this by incorporating Speed, Thrash, and Traditional Metal riffs, guitar harmonies in the vein of Iron Maiden, outstanding vocal performances, and an abundance of Melodic flair.

Band: Scarefield

Album: A Quiet Country

Release Date: March 25th, 2024

Location: Italy and Sweden

Written By: Tom Hanno of Tom’s Reviews

Scarefield is the project of Italian born Simone Manuli and Swedish musician Markus Kristoffersson, a project that digs deep into the 1980s Heavy Metal and Horror movie genres. The 11 tracks are a mix of Thrash, Progressive, Hard Rock, and more, while also serving as proof that you don’t need a full band to make incredible sounding music.

“Ancient Evil” gets the party started with tons of energy, while also giving listeners the perfect taste of what’s to come. Everything that Scarefield is, is put into this track, and it’s heavy, loud, and awesome.

“Dream” is one of the best songs on A Quiet Country, with its mix of Progressive and Traditional 80s Metal. The vocals are incredibly well performed, and the music is stellar; there’s a lot of dynamic shifts, making for an excitingly interesting composition.

“Altar Of Fear” is fueled by a heavy dose of Anthrax, which is then tempered with Iron Maiden influenced guitar harmonies, while “Spectre” brings in modern era Metallica riffs and massive hooks. These two songs exhibit the strength of songwriting, power, and epic performances that you can expect across the entirety of A Quiet Country.

Other Standouts: “Child Of The Corn”, “Primitive Shadows”, “Shiver”

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