Scarecrow – The Moors Track Premiere

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The Moors Track Stream

Artemis (vocals, harmonica, flute) made the following statement about the track:

“This is one of the central songs on the album and is directly related to “The Endless Ocean.” Her lyrics are metaphorical, of course. In it, we tried to sanctify one of the most terrible problems of our time, in our opinion. The cause of many troubles, be it poverty, war, environmental disasters, etc. The lyrics of this composition are metaphorical. Under the image of gloomy endless swamp hide the monstrous swamps of our own mind. In a discussion with Sam Turbit (our sound producer) while working on the song, I tried to explain the message as follows:

People live in their imaginary worlds, woven from expectations, ambitions, desires, memories and false formations that have nothing to do with reality. They lead with them an endless, incessant internal dialogue, which completely drowns out the voice of objective reality, which is happening here and now, in the present moment. The Internet, social networks, instant messengers, etcetera, only exacerbate the situation, because they give false evidence that these pseudo worlds exist. And this mental problem, in my opinion, is one of the most destructive problems of modern civilization. And the scale of this problem is such that it affects absolutely everyone – starting with ordinary people, running inside themselves from real problems, and ending with the fate of peoples and biological species.

Before pulling the trigger, dropping a bomb, adopting another law or doing any other important step, people should stop, abandon their fantasies and ambitions, and emerge into the real world with all its real problems. They can then look around and ask themselves, “What real consequences will my act have? How will it affect the lives of other people and the world in general, and not just my well-being and moral satisfaction?” If everyone did that, we would live in a completely different world.”

Scarecrow – Scarecrow II

Artist: Scarecrow

Album: Scarecrow II

Label: Wise Blood Records

Release Date: 22/10/2021

Country: Russia

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