Static-X – Project Regeneration Vol. 2


When Wayne Static died the music world thought that it would never again hear new music with his distinctive approach to vocals, riffs, and electronics. However, in 2018 we were shocked by the announcement that Tony Campos, Ken Jay, and Koichi Fukuda were working on what would become 2020’s Project Regeneration Vol I; an album that featured some of the final performances of the creator of Evil Disco. Now it’s 2024, and we’re getting the second, and final, volume, and it’s everything that fans of Static-X have come to expect from Wayne and the current iteration of his band, which features Xero in Wayne’s stead.

Artist: Static-X

Release Title: Project Regeneration Vol II

Label: Otsego Entertainment Group

Release Date: January 26th, 2024

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Written By: Tom Hanno/Tom’s Reviews

If you could wear out a digital promo, then I have assuredly worn out my copy of Project Regeneration Vol II, further proving that Static-X has long been one of my favorite bands. Wayne’s death in 2014 was a crushing blow to Metal and Industrial music, but he has been speaking to us from beyond the grave thanks to the Wisconsin Death Trip era band, with Tony Campos, Ken Jay, and Koichi Fukuda, alongside new vocalist Xero (long rumored to be Edsel Dope) bringing Evil Disco fans the final performances of Wayne Static!! So without any further ado, let’s dive into the album’s highlights.

My wife bailed on me about 6 months ago, and “Just In Case”, from the Start A War album, quickly became my anthem. So you can imagine my surprise when “Jic-Boi” turned out to be a new version of “Just In Case”, and I mean totally new. I instantly loved the electronic elements, Wayne’s sparse vocals coupled with Xero’s raspy attack, and of course the Death Metal growls of Tony. This track slams in exactly the right ways from beginning to end. “I am so strung out!”

Up next is “Black Star”, and if ever there was a guitar riff to follow up “Cold”, then the intro riff to this one is it, though I wish that it ran a bit longer than it does. Wayne sounds absolutely incredible in this one, and this would be quite something to see him perform if he were still here.

“Tone” is also fucking incredible, I think a lot of people will gravitate towards it, but it’s “Dark Place” that stands out amongst the others. Wayne was on fire when he recorded these vocal parts, and the song as a whole harkens back to those early albums that are so revered now. The melody, the riffs, the electronic elements, and everything else are all absolutely fantastic.

It would be remiss of me to not bring up the naysayers that have made their voices amply heard. One of the main complaints that I’ve heard is that songs like “Zombie” and “Stay Alive” make Wayne and his also deceased wife Tera look like junkies, or in Tera’s case,  like Static-X’s own version of Yoko Ono. Wayne did indeed have substance abuse issues, as did Tera, and these two songs don’t glorify or vilify their use, or the couple’s characters. Instead, the zombie in “Zombie” is addiction itself, and “Stay Alive” is Wayne’s own lyrics, so  the words of those who are trying to paint the band as anything other than honoring him are as hollow as a bass drum.

Overall Project Regeneration Vol II is a very fitting way to honor Wayne and the work he was doing at the end of his life. I for one am extremely grateful that we get to experience some of what Wayne left behind, and I hope that Static-X creates music far into the future! In other words … EVIL DISCO LIVES!!!

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