Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol – Big Dumb Riffs


Austin, Texas is home to one of the coolest bands out there, a unit known collectively as Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol. These three musicians, Leo Lydon (lead vocals, 8-string guitar), Sean St. Germain (drums, gang vocals), and Aaron Metzdorf (bass, gang vocals) have created a must hear record, and if you keep reading then you’ll find out exactly why I think that.

Genres: Rock, Metal, Doom-Wop, Stoner, Grunge, Groove Metal

Artist: Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol

Release Name: Big Dumb Riffs

Label: None

Release Date: March 22nd, 2025

Location: Austin, Texas

Written By: Tom Hanno/Tom’s Reviews

Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol has a new album coming out on March 22nd, 2024, and the music on it is exactly what the title implies … Big Dumb Riffs. The riffs aren’t just big though, they’re gargantuan, and they’re only dumb in the fact that they’re not overly complex … they’re just massive, groove filled beasts that are as heavy as Thor’s mighty hammer.

My preferred track is the second of eleven, and is called “1-800-Eat-Shit”. The song is driven by an eighth note filled main riff in a medium tempo, and despite not being overly complex, it is the catchiest thing on this record. I love the lyrics too, they’re tongue in cheek, and are wonderfully performed.

“Whip It Around” is ridiculously short, clocking in at a mere 55 seconds, though still isn’t the shortest song presented here. In that time Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol throws out an enormous groove, and this one is quite heavy in its sound and tone.

Directly following that is “Body Bag”, which is another fine example of what this album is all about … groove, heavy riffs, and power. As with all of the songs, the vocals are killer, and understandable.

“El Sapo” has the distinction of being the shortest track, coming in at 48 seconds. It’s fairly repetitive, like much of the album, but repetitive never means bad on Big Dumb Riffs.

Closing out the album is the longest track, “In A Jar”. This is my second favorite song, because it’s not like the first ten, and it reminds me of the Grunge era, Weezer being its biggest comparison. The vocals are more melodic, and have a wonderful tone, instilling that Grunge sound all the more, and the riffs are memorable and interesting, as well as having a solid foundation that’s provided by the bass and drums.

Other Standout Tracks: “Clowntown”, and “Bastard Initiated”

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