Rapid Review: Rhytmosexuals – Who the F*** is Shamilya? (Tape Zero)


Label: Independent

Release Date: 6 January 2022

Location: Saint Petersburg
Digital Price: Name your price

Genre: Post-rock/stoner rock

Who the F*** is Shamilya? (Tape Zero) is the first release on Bandcamp of a new Saint Petersburg outfit named Rhytmosexuals, and if this is any indication of future releases, boy are we in for some great stuff. The first minute serves as something of an introduction – contemplative guitar strings with some mystical lyrics about a man praying on a mountaintop for freedom. The vocals here have a certain longing sound to them and are echoed by chanting that brings the atmosphere of a crowd accompanying the praying man. Followers, perhaps.

A minute in, we’re treated to the grinding, ominous sound that good stoner/doom rock does so well. The use of chanting throughout this track – even the little “hey hey!” moments add some nice depth to the atmosphere which is already strong. The lead vocals change up stylistically a few times, going from contemplative to a pleading, desperate sound that suits the theme of a man praying for help.

Finally, we’re treated to a frustrated aggression, screamed vocals being accompanied by some subtle percussion and plenty of time for the bassist to shine. We end with the final minute sounding like a rebellion at last. Rhytmosexuals has released a great track here, and you can pay any price you like for it. It’s well worth it, and we’d love to hear more.

I hope you enjoy Who the F*** is Shamilya? (Tape Zero).


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