NZ Week Day 6: Paul the Kid – CASH MACHINE / BOY / BOMBAY


Artist: Paul The Kid


Label: Independent

Release Date: 1 October 2022

Location: Auckland

Digital Price: 3 USD

Genre: Electronica/punk/reggae

Yet again, artists from Aotearoa deliver us some new sounds and ideas that really slap. Paul the Kid recently brought a creative blend of genres in his CASH MACHINE / BOY / BOMBAY EP. Taking elements of electronica, punk, and reggae, we have some heavy reggae style bass rhythms, grungy punk guitars, zippy electronic sounds and angsty pop punk vocals. It’s a blend that works, and each track emphasises more or less one of the different styles that Paul wants to blend here.

For instance, BOMBAY gives us a bouncy reggae beat, although the track is never as happy as that might make it sound, as we also get the melancholy lyrics, slightly grimy guitars and angsty vocal style that works for the era of punk that this is clearly influenced by. There’s a strong reggae influence in that bassy beat that pops up at different points in this song though, and it’s great to bop along to before we’re brought back down to earth by the reality of how crappy summertime can actually be.

The EP actually opens with CASH MACHINE, a cover of Oliver Tree’s song by the same name, although it is both more chilled out and happier than the original track. That’s partly because of the absence of drop D guitarwork, which gives the track a somewhat lighter sound, but Paul’s vocal delivery and occasional electronic haze also gives it a carefree vibe that works, especially in the latter half of the track.

BOY has some electronic blasts that really give this track a ‘high pressure’, slightly stressed out feeling. That sound works great because the song is a fairly frustrated ode to the anxieties that one endures through relationships. This is the most electronica-leaning track of the EP – it does have some nice guitars, but the buildups and drops to those walls of high-pressure electronic waves really makes this one.

This was a small release by someone who has done some interesting work before this (and since, too!). With CASH MACHINE / BOY / BOMBAY, Paul the Kid really brought it, delivering something fresh and enjoyable that’s a great little addition to any playlist. And with the blend of genres pulled off here, you’ll be able to fit it in quite a few.

Listen to CASH MACHINE / BOY / BOMBAY at Bandcamp here.


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