Rapid Review: Stargo – DAMMBRUCH


Artist: Stargo


Label: Independent

Release Date: 17/12/2021

Country: Germany

I’m in the middle of compiling our site’s AOTY lists so my writing time is limited, as such this will have to be a short review but I still wanted to make sure that I gave DAMMBRUCH some coverage.

DAMMBRUCH is the latest offering from German stoner rock act Stargo and in my opinion is their finest work to date. With this album the Dortmund based three piece have given us an epic three track offering of instrumental based stoner/space/post/blues/psychedelic/alt rock.

The album’s biggest draw in my opinion is the spacey, ethereal essence that the band have worked into the music throughout the release. A little of that essence is lost in the heavier segments but it never completely dissipates. This is one of those album’s that you can safely judge by its cover. The haunting beauty of another alien world is exactly the feeling that this release captures.

While songs like track 2 Copter are a fun high energy romp, for me it’s the first track Dammbruch that really captivates me. This is the most diverse and most complexly written of the three on the album and features the most moving tones and textures, as well as the most technically complex guitar work on the album. The constant back and forth between hard and soft textures is one of the song’s greatest strengths. The bluesy spacey guitar tone employed throughout the track would have to be its overall greatest strength though.

Track 3 Bathysphere is an interesting listen to as it starts out with an alt, almost indie rock focus that weirdly enough reminds me of Modest Mouse. This changes suddenly after a short while and the track becomes one of the heaviest on the album for a hot minute before shifting into more atmospheric spacey territory. You’ll also find some pretty bluesy segments in there.

Overall, this is a solid offering that is well worth your time. The band show us exactly why vocals and lyrics are not necessary to make a moving piece of music that takes the listener on a journey. If you don’t enjoy instrumental music (for some stupid reason) then this probably won’t be for you. I’m sure that the vast majority of you who enjoy fuzzy music will appreciate this release.

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