The Royal Ritual: Pleasure Hides Your Needs Review


ARTIST: The Royal Ritual

ALBUM: ‘Pleasure Hides Your Needs’

LABEL: Analog Trash

REVIEW: Songs of Preys

PHOTO: Vara Pappas

When your first album is nominated in the first round of the Grammy Awards, you may think your second has an unenviable task. With The Royal Ritual, this is NOT the case. Now signed to the Analog Trash record label, The Royal Ritual released Pleasure Hides Your Needs and what an album it is.

The first single from the album, Modes of Violence, is exactly what alternative music needs. It has everything its contemporaries have yearned for and more besides, ticking every box we look for in a good track and even adding a few new ones. When hearing this, if you are not toe tapping or dancing your little goth black socks off, you have no soul. 

The album does not just stop there – its title track is mind blowing, and then the album closes with the future classic Coma.  A song that grabs you, takes you on a journey and leaves you aching for more.  Many alternative artists have come before this and bombarded you with 80’s cliches and stolen melodies, but every track on Pleasure Hides Your Needs will carry you to a place you have never been before and will want to remain there for eternity, or until at least the next album by The Royal Ritual is released.

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The Royal Ritual The Royal Ritual is the dark/industrial project by U.K. born David

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