Quick Review: Turn Cold – Break Your Faith


Artist: Turn Cold

Album: Break Your Faith

Label: Independent

Release Date: 03/09/2021

Country: United States

Atlanta, Georgia based crossover act Turn Cold have unleashed their first release upon the world this past week in partnership with C Squared Music.

The album is one continuous stream of headbangable riffs from start to finish and will have anyone with even a remote level of love for thrash rocking the hell out. Despite only having three tracks the release packs a real punch to it and really leaves the listener craving more.

The hardcore elements are definitely present in the mix and make up all of the vocal work on the release but instrumentally this is primarily a trash album. As a result, you’ll find catchy riffs, high energy and those distinctive rhythms that make you want to drop your beer and jump headfirst into the pit. While the band and the album may have been born during Covid isolation, I can imagine these songs going off in a live setting. There’s a certain energy to the music that I simply know would translate to killer live experience.

Vocally Sten finds a perfect middle ground between thrash and hardcore vocals, having that desired level of edge and harshness but remaining completely understandable and easy to sing along with. Brett absolutely kills it on guitar with riff after riff connecting with the listener. Twitch does a fantastic job on bass, sitting high in the mix and drawing on both the thrash and hardcore level of bounce and rhythm that we all know and love. Lastly but not least Matt gives us a high energy performance on drums that fully completes the album’s overall sound.

As far as favourite songs go, I would struggle to pick as all three are fantastic offerings. However of the three I think that the third and final song on the album The End of My Rope was the one that really stuck in my head the longest after listening. That chorus really worms its way in there and some of the guitar work on that song is just stellar.

Overall, I highly recommend that everyone take 11 or so minutes out of their day and blast this bad boy on LOUD, you will not be disappointed. Thrash and hardcore fans alike should rally behind this release and this band as I see big things in their future and a very bright career ahead of them.

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