Pukewraith- Banquet of Scum


Artist: Pukewraith

Album: Banquet of Scum

Label: Sewer Rot Records

Release Date: November 4th 2022

Location: Toronto, Ontario

I hope you’re wearing a seatbelt when you hit play on Banquet of Scum because otherwise, you’re in for some serious whiplash.

Pukewraith comes at the listener HARD with their debut album, hitting us with a furious offering of high energy OSDM. It isn’t pure OSDM though, as influences are clearly drawn from the realms of thrash and grindcore in both the riff styles and song writing. The craziest thing about the project is that everything on this release is all thanks to one person Brendan Dean. The man is a one-man metal machine and is involved in multiple other bands and projects outside of this one.

What makes the album worth your time though is its raw, unbridled energy. I can’t stress enough how much sheer momentum it has or the force that it hits with. It almost feels like the riffs never let up, flowing every forth like a raging river into the listeners eager ear holes. The drums also help to maintain this momentum and even though they’re programmed they actually feel fairly natural, working well in the overall mix and never feeling flat or mechanical.

One of the main elements that requires praise though are the vocals. Not only are they a perfect blend of guttural and filthy, but they have a real power behind them. They command the listeners attention to the same extent as the guitar. On the note of guitar though I have to give some additional praise to the level of variety and complexity that Brendan works into the spread. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it ensures that things never feel repetitive or stale. He shows off his technical proficiency just enough for it not to come across as a progressive or technical release, maintaining that more primitive death metal essence.

I don’t really need to say much more than that about the album. I think that the music speaks for itself and that any fans of no-frills, ass kicking death metal will find plenty to love. If you’re looking for something that pushes boundaries or re-invents the wheel then keep looking, but if you want old school music done well, with a few additional flourishes then give this bad boy a spin.

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