Polyphia – Remember That You Will Die


Artist: Polyphia

Album: Remember That You Will Die

Label: Rise records

Release Date: October 28, 2022

Location: Plano, Texas

Author: Anne Poissant

Body of the review:

Polyphia is an incredible four-piece instrumental progressive rock band from Texas. With their newest album release, Remember That You Will Die, they have created a fantastic sound that is sure to blow you away. The combination of melodic riffs, aggressive drums and bass lines, and intricate solos create a unique sound that makes them stand out from other instrumental bands.

Remember That You Will Die has twelve amazing tracks that are all different from one another. Each song has its own distinct feel and sound which showcases the diversity of the band’s playing style. From the slow-building opener Genesis to the intricate and powerful finale Ego Death, each song captivates the listener with its melodic riffs and soaring solos. The group’s creativity shines through in the diverse range of sounds and styles featured on the album, from post-rock to funk to jazz. Throughout the album, each song has its own distinct feel and Sound. The musicianship is tight and the production value is impressive, creating an overall high-quality product.

The American progressive metal band has been captivating the music scene since their formation in 2010. Founded by members Tim Henson and Scott LePage, the two musicians have become widely known as innovators of their genre. The current lineup of Polyphia consists of Tim Henson on guitar, Scott LePage on guitar, Clay Gober on bass and Clay Aeschliman on drums.

Since the group’s inception, they have steadily gained notoriety for their unique fusion of metal, hip-hop, and jazz influences. This can be seen in their award-winning single Remember That You Will Die, which peaked at number three on the Billboard charts. While remaining true to their progressive metal roots, the band has been praised for their ability to seamlessly incorporate elements from multiple genres into their sound.

Each member of Polyphia is essential in creating the sonic landscapes they present on Remember That You Will Die. Tim Henson and Scott LePage both handle rhythm and lead guitars, providing the driving force behind each song with heavy riffs and solos that cut through the mix. Meanwhile, Clay Gober provides the groove on bass and Clay Aeschliman brings it all together with his powerhouse drumming.

Polyphia’s Remember That You Will Die is an absolute must-hear for any fan of progressive metal. The band continues to push boundaries and show why they are one of the top metal acts in the world today. With an impressive track list and stellar performances by each member, this album is sure to blow you away.

Even though the whole releaseSS itself is a wonderful listen from start to finish, I still wanted to point out some of the pieces that really captivated me as I listened to it:

The Audacity (feat. Anomalie) is a polyphonic track that features Anomalie’s signature sound. It is a combination of progressive rock, hip hop, and experimental jazz. The way the guitar riffs blend together is breathtaking and will leave listeners with their jaws on the floor. The intense energy of the track creates an atmosphere that is both captivating and exhilarating.

ABC (feat. Sophia Black) is a mellow yet up-tempo track with a pleasant blend of acoustic guitar and electronic synth. Sophia Black’s dreamy vocals add an extra layer of emotion to the track that will make listeners fall in love. The light and airy production of this track will leave you feeling like you’re dreaming while the smooth vocal delivery will make you feel like you’re floating away.

Chimera (feat. Lil West) is a unique hybrid between post-rock, alternative rap, and progressive metal. This track is a perfect example of Polyphia’s forward-thinking production and songwriting. The smooth and hard-hitting rhymes from Lil West are accentuated by lush soundscapes and heavy drums. The chorus is catchy yet moving and will stay with listeners for days after listening.

Overall, Remember That You Will Die is an incredibly well-crafted album that showcases Polyphia’s unique sound and exceptional musicianship. Each song stands out on its own and together they create a fantastic journey that will leave you wanting more – Remember That You Will Die showcases the band’s skill and creativity.

With a blend of post-rock, funk, jazz, and more you will embark on an unforgettable journey full of creative solos and tight musicianship that will leave you wanting to listen over and over. If you want to be entertained and impress your friends, look no further. With its unique sound and excellent production values, this album is sure to be a hit, so put on your headphones and get ready to be blown away by Remember That You Will Die.

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