Pitch Black Manor – Transylvania Kisses


Artist: Pitch Black Manor

Album: Transylvania Kisses

Label: Independent

Release Date: 26/10/2022
Location: East Moline, Illinois

Pitch Black Manor returns with another spooky offering of catchy, gothic post-punk/disco, all be it a short one.

As always, the band bring their signature blend of humor and horror themes to the party. I say part because this is the perfect soundtrack for a Halloween party. The tracks are catchy and fun enough to be accessible for most listeners and their lyrics make them a perfect fit for any would be All Hallows’ Eve revelers.

The key difference here would be that the album focuses on less the slasher themes of Night Creeps or the occult themes of Monster Classics. Instead, it has a more old-school 60s style horror focus that for some reason makes me think of The Monster Mash. Not that the music resembles the track at all but I feel that they draw inspiration that era. Gettin Spooky on the Dancefloor especially had that same sort of fun, goofy energy to it. The song Transylvanian Kiss lyrically also makes me think of this era, even referencing the Transylvanian Twist.

Josh’s unique vocal style is on full display as he brings a real showmanship to the album (as he always does). There’s a dramatic his presentation on this one though that helps to deliver the same message as the themes, that this is a novelty album. Instrumentally the band have completely toned things down to play into that fun disco energy and atmosphere. You can just tell how much fun the band had with the album and for me that’s what makes it such a fun listen.

Sadly, I was late to find out about this album, so it didn’t make it into my Halloween playlist this year, but I’ll have it ready to repeat next year. If you enjoy fun music and are able to not take yourself or what you listen to then this album with be well worth your time.

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