Phill Smith – no comfort in infinite space: Track Premiere


no comfort in infinite space Track Stream

Message from Phill Smith

“This album is the result of approximately five years of on and off experimentation with writing software designed for musical improvisation and developing an abstract, heavy sonic palette in a solo improvisatory context. The central idea behind this collection of tracks is discovery — exploring what personal meaning, connections, and interpretations can be derived from the algorithmically generated sounds, titles, and album art. Each track can be thought of as one distinct expression of many possible paths through a given sound world for the listener to experience. You can almost compare this to hiking up a mountain: there can be many different routes to the summit, each with their own challenges and rewards, and every attempt on each route has its own distinct challenges, most of which are far beyond the control of the mountaineer. From this point of view, the album is a document of four summit attempts, each with their own bad weather, altitude sickness, and some amount of personal triumph.”

Phill Smith – Vain Life in the Orchid House

Artist: Phill Smith

Album: Vain Life in the Orchid House

Label: Independent

Release Date:19/11/2021

Country: United States

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