Peru Week Day 3: Walter Cobos – Disculpa el Descaro


Artist: Walter Cobos

Album: Disculpa el Descaro

Label: NvNv Records

Release Date: 14 October 2022

Location: Lima, Peru

Written by Keszia

Guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer Walter Cobos’ musical career started when he formed his band Ni Voz Ni Voto (which translates to ‘Neither Voice Nor Vote’) in 1994. Their debut album Nvnv was released in 2000 and the band has gone on to successfully release a number of subsequent studio albums; their latest Más Cancoines para el Alma (Acústica) was released 2 September 2022 by Nvnv Records.

Disculpa el Descaro features a number of musical elements, from electronic keys and artificial sounds and effects, through to more material instruments like drums and guitar. This album was my introduction to the bedroom pop genre, and it is a great example of it in my humble opinion. Treating us to just over a dozen unique tracks, each one offers their own spin on the lo-fi bedroom pop genre – something I can always commend an artist on.

Walter has named David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Juice Wrld, Ed Sheeran, Babi, Weezer, and Post Malone as some of his musical influences. He describes himself as a “music lover, family man, frustrated bassist, master of sarcasm, fan of comics, wrestling and very eclectic” on Facebook. With those influences and hobbies, along with his diverse genre reach (noting that Ni Voz Ni Voto is primarily focused on alternative and nu metal, hard rock, and alternative rock), it’s safe to say he’s doing his eclecticism worlds of justice.

From what I have been able to translate, and I must admit that these may not be entirely accurate, as Spanish is not a language I am well-versed in, I have really enjoyed hearing the stories Walter shares with us about his feelings of love and romance, and (what I interpret to be) his successes and failures for doting after a particular person.

Ahora todo es diferente (now everything is different)

No se si te extraño a ti (I don’t know if I miss you)

O las noches que viví (Or the nights that I lived)

Cuando estabas en mi cerebro (When you were in my brain)

Ese vicio solitario (That lonely vice)

Que me daba placer (That gave me pleasure)

Pero causa mucho daño (But it does a lot of damage)


Es una princesa para conquistar (She is a princess to conquer)

Pero mis torpezas la pueden molestar (But my clumsiness can annoy her)

Todo con paciencia se arreglará (Everything with patience will be fixed)

No es el fin del viaje (It’s not the end of the journey)

Me armo de coraje (I pluck up courage)

(Princesa 80s 22)

Que divertido fue, aunque yo te alucinaba al revés

(How fun it was, although I hallucinated you backwards)

El brownie mágico de mi amigo me hizo ver la verdad otra vez

(My friend’s magic brownie made me see the truth again)

Por gusto me emocioné, porque tocando fondo terminé

(For pleasure I got excited, because hitting rock bottom I ended up)

No le encontraba el sentido, otro idiota ya está a tus pies

(I couldn’t make sense of it, another idiot is already at your feet)

(El Brownie Mágico)

Some of my favourites from this album are easily Nicotina, Desafinado, and Hater. If you’re a fan of chill lo-fi music, with mixes of alternative, then you will really enjoy Walter’s offerings in Disculpa el Descaro, even if Spanish is not your first language.

Listen to Disculpa el Descaro on bandcamp or Spotify.

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