Parius – The Signal Single Review


Band: Parius

Album: The Signal Heard Throughout Space

Label: Willowtip Records
Release Date: 07/10/2022

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Written by: Alfred C. Key IV

In the musical world of progressive metal there are innovators and masturbators. Where innovators tend to write music that inspires not only the world of music but the world of art in general, masturbators tend to create music whose progressive elements diminish or destroy all emotional depth. The band Parius however, is not a band of masturbation but a band of innovation.

Their progressive elements are subtle at points but then become more pronounced later on. In their track “The Signal” subtle use of keyboards creates a template from which the band’s vocals can launch the listener on a musical and theatrical journey into space. Vocalist Louis Thierry gives a performance on the tracks that abandons the high tenors of The Mars Volta and Yes for a musical experience more akin to Brann Dailor of Mastodon. The orchestration of the music moves like a river down its bed with each part flowing from one point to the next in smooth transitions. The jumpy elements are not so abrasive that it makes me want to vomit repeatedly but instead invokes the feeling of Crack the Sky.

With all its pluses however, there are a few minuses. In the first couple of measures of Thierry’s performance I cringed at the doubled vocals but later warmed up to the harmonies he was trying to create. Drummer Dan Silver plays with the best of them in my mind, abandoning the use of machine gun style double kick for a more Dream Theater style performance in the opening of the song giving the listener a since that we are no longer in Kansas but trapped on a journey of space paranoia. The album artwork invokes a movie poster but captures the feeling of space travel perfectly.

Although “The Signal” is the only track available on their Bandcamp this band has released a number of progressive metal albums. The Signal Heard Throughout Space is a musical departure from their older material in which vocals are screamed and then harmonized with sung and drums are more inspired by Black Dahlia Murders then Rush. With this in mind a listener or fan has to wonder what the fuck are they doing on “The Signal”? Is it pure musical exploration or rebellion? If rebellion, then it is against the death metal inspired percussion and black metal style screams of their older material in favor of Crack the Sky style vocals and melodic style guitar playing. In the end it was an enjoyable piece of music and I expect the album to be just as enjoyable.

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